These are the Types of Content That Filipino Social Media Users Enjoy Most

To catch the attention of your target audience, your brand’s social media content should be appealing. But what type of content do Filipinos enjoy seeing anyway? 

Did you know that, as of January 2023, 84.45 million people here in the Philippines are social media users? That is equivalent to 72.5% of the total population!

Given these numbers, it is easy to understand why many brands have made having a social media presence a top priority. It is, after all, a sin for a brand to not have a social media account these days. Not only does social media let brands advertise and market their products and services, but they can also allow brands to directly communicate with the audience, provide customer service, and even make an online sale or transaction. 

However, having a social media presence is not as simple as posting random photos and videos. Thus, it is crucial for brands to capture the attention of their target audience. And this can be a lot more difficult than many entrepreneurs realize. 

So how exactly can brands capture the attention of their target audience? One way is by posting content that they actually enjoy seeing on their feeds. And what kind of content do Filipinos enjoy seeing anyway? 

Comedy, Memes, and Viral Videos

According to the Asia Pacific Insights: Influencer Marketing Report 2023 released by Partipost and MSW Ventures, 63.1% of Filipinos enjoy comedy, memes, and viral videos. 

An example of a brand that maximizes the use of comedy, memes, and viral videos is the streaming platform Netflix—which is known for making use of memes when publishing content on social media accounts. These memes range from those taken from Hollywood movies to those taken from anime and K-Dramas.

Motorcycle hailing platform Angkas is another example of a brand that utilizes comedy, memes, and viral videos to its advantage. From humorous wordplay to witty pop culture references, you can always expect Angkas to take whatever is currently trending and use it to promote its services and even promo codes. 

Tutorial or How-to Videos

While many Filipinos enjoy good humor, there are those who enjoy learning something new. According to the Influencer Marketing Report 2023, 50.6% enjoy tutorials or how-to videos. This type of content educates the audience on a particular topic—particularly how to do something related to the brand.

Makeup brand Maybelline New York Regular is an example of a brand that publishes tutorials or how-to videos regularly. The content they typically share come from beauty influencers and demonstrates how to use Maybelline’s makeup products. 

Another brand that makes use of tutorials or how-to videos in its social media campaign is KitchenAid. Its social media pages publish tutorial videos showing the audience how to make desserts such as Cream Cheese Brownies and Mango Ginger Cobblers—made with the help of a KitchenAid home appliance.

Key Takeaways

Not all types of content work for all brands, which is why a particular brand has to carefully choose what works best. This can be done by having a good understanding of the target audience and having a good grasp of what they enjoy and what they want to see on social media. 

There should also be a good understanding of the brand itself. The type of content should always align with the brand, its culture, and even the values that it upholds.

It does not, however, end with just choosing the right type of content. This is merely the first step. From there, a brand needs to carefully plan how to go about the content it wants to do and execute it properly. A good idea can be wasted on poor execution.