Given the current digital age, digital marketing is very helpful to any business, and doing it right is very crucial. Here are the mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

It has been said that “content is king” and that has never been more true in this day and age. Today, many things have gone digital—including businesses—which led to marketing, advertising, and even customer service going online. In fact, 84% of people expect brands to create their own content these days in the form of ads, blogs, and other multimedia content. 

All this just goes to show that digital marketing is important and therefore, crucial to the growth and even survival of brands and businesses. That being said, it’s best to avoid making mistakes when it comes to digital marketing. Here are five mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs. 

Targeting Everyone Instead of a Specific Audience

One of the benefits of going digital is that you have the ability to reach a wider audience—regardless of demographics. As tempting as that may be, targeting everyone is actually the wrong way to go about your digital marketing strategy. After all, in Business News Daily's words, "If you try to be everything to everyone, your message becomes vague and less impactful."

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