Luxe and Luster: How Tessera Became the Go-to Jewelry Brand for the Rich and Famous

Beyond the glitz and glamor, Tessera owners Carl and Papat Fider are determined to prove that jewelry can also be an investment that will last forever.

A tessera is a piece of tile used to create elaborate mosaics. Used since Roman times, a tessera could be a number of things like stone, glass, or ceramic, which are then cut into shapes, much like a diamond. In fact, that’s the reason for the name of Carl and Papat Fider’s venture, Tessera—now one of the country’s leading jewelers.

Both partners lead important roles in the company’s day-to-day activities. As the CEO of Tessera, Carl handles marketing and strategy while his wife, Papat, takes on the mantle of Sales Director in addition to managing retail operations.

From a business standpoint, Tessera aims to be an aspirational luxury brand that offers the widest selection of natural, certified, and conflict-free diamonds in the Philippines. And they’ve certainly achieved that as the country’s leading choice jeweler.

Dynamic Duo—Carl and Papat Fider are the brains behind the leading jewelry brand Tessera.

Surviving and Thriving

Their extensive selection of diamonds only solidifies their position. “We can provide a client with what they are looking for in a diamond, customize based on their preferences, and educate them about the products in the process,” Carl explains. “We don’t just sell anything to anyone. We provide them a diamond experience and good customer service.”

What’s more, Tessera’s signature feature includes offering a wide selection of pieces. This gives their clients the freedom to create a piece close to their hearts. However, classic pieces still continue to remain in style.

These include, in Carl’s words, “diamond jewelry pieces that clients love and wear on any occasion, at any time and mood—something that can be passed on from generation to generation without going out of style.”

Tessera aims to be an aspirational luxury brand that offers the widest selection of natural, certified, and conflict-free diamonds in the Philippines.

But like many luxury businesses, Tessera was also affected by the 2020 pandemic. Thankfully, the brand was able to survive and even thrive from it. “During the pandemic, luxury was not a necessity, but clients would invest in diamonds because there were no weddings or travel allowed at the time,” Carl reveals.

“People have realized that diamonds are an investment they can hold on to during uncertainty, in which value appreciates over time.”

Made to Last—Tessera’s pieces can be passed down from generation to generation.

Tessera’s Unique Selling Point

The inspiration to create stems from Carl’s education as a graduate of advertising and fine arts, “It comes naturally for him to have ideas. He will simply draw on a random day and we end up with the iconic jewelry pieces we have today,” Papat shares.

In fact, these iconic Tessera pieces also played a role in Philippine history. Take for example Catriona Gray’s Three Stars and a Sun ear cuff and the Alab at Dangal ear cuff, which was worn for Bb. Pilipinas 2017 and Miss Universe 2018, respectively.

One of their claims to fame, however, includes the fancy-cut cluster collection. “Carl started the trend by combining different diamond shapes into a cluster design—making it look young and chic, but still very classy,” she adds.

As Tessera continues to solidify its position in the industry, its future is planned with the hope of becoming the number one diamond and jewelry brand in the country, which will someday pave the way for expanding and being recognized abroad.

Tessera’s Claim to Fame—fancy-cut cluster pieces that are made to last.
From Local to Global—Tessera aims to someday be recognized by not just the Philippines, but the whole world, too.

Secrets to Success

In looking back on the journey so far, Carl and Papat share good bits of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Focus on your strengths and your company’s direction. There will always be competition and noise around, but as long as you are focused and goal-oriented, you are on the right track.”

What’s more, the couple stresses the importance of finding opportunities in uncertainty. “Never give up, even if people or situations tell you to do so. Rise above uncertainty and you will feel proud getting through them. Lastly, always strive to do more and achieve more.”

“Do not be mediocre,” they add. “Find ways to improve and bring excitement to the business.” As people who live by a simple quote from Marie Forleo—“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently”—they encourage young business minds to do the same.

“Never give up, even if people or situations tell you to do so. Rise above uncertainty and you will feel proud getting through them,” says the matriarch to aspiring entrepreneurs.

And at the end of the day, work-life balance should also always find its place. For Carl and Papat, it’s making sure they see their kids as much as they can. “We adore our kids. We make sure we have quality time with them every week.”

“They are the primary reason for any success we have achieved so far in our business,” the couple adds. “We want to be able to leave them with something significant and valuable when it is their turn to run the company.”

Work Hard, Play Hard—Beyond running a business, the couple enjoy spending time with their kids.


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