Beautiful Inside and Out: Meet Founder’s Beauty CEO Sonam Uttamchandani-Nanwani

Taking her passion to new heights, Sonam Uttamchandani-Nanwani established Founder's Beauty—a skincare company that centers on both health and wellness.

Sonam Uttamchandani-Nanwani’s skincare journey began in 2011. From being an active individual⁠—bouncing around from task to task and juggling about a million things to do⁠—the future Founder and CEO of Founder’s Beauty began to feel extremely fatigued during one summer break from university.

“It was clear that something wasn’t right,” Sonam begins. “Not only did I feel fatigued, but I also began to see a layer of adult acne developing on the surface of my face, which only continued to get worse and worse. It truly wasn't a pleasant experience.” She then decided to seek medical help, “Not for the exhaustion⁠—this was something I felt would be easy to recover from (or so I thought). Instead, I went to sort out my acne, which was becoming extremely painful.”

Her dermatologist immediately recommended the use of Accutane, which required some bloodwork before use. “It was then that I found out I had other things going on in my system,” she reveals.