A woman ahead of her time, Connie Haw—the CEO of Advance Paper Corporation—shares how learning and improving have helped her business thrive.

Connie Haw believes that challenges are opportunities to improve our lives. After all, as the CEO of Advance Paper Corporation, she is no stranger to dealing with hurdles and roadblocks. In fact, she tends to welcome them with open arms. “We will not see progress if we are complacent and stagnant,” she shares.

Instead of groaning through these struggles, Connie recommends approaching everything with a positive mindset. “There is always a silver lining to every challenge, and we may not see it right away but as long as we learn from it, we can improve ourselves.”

In fact, improvement has always been baked into the Advance Paper philosophy. Its mission even states, “To continuously improve our people, our processes, and our technology,” in addition to ensuring availability and achieving a level of growth that exceeds the norms of the industry.

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