The viral post, made by Mr. Bunny Cafe PH, also states what vloggers and influencers can do instead to show sincere support for small businesses.

Did you know that according to data presented by global marketing consultancy R3, 70% of Filipino online consumers have made a purchase that is influenced by influencer recommendations? 

It is because of numbers like this that countless brands invest heavily in influencer marketing. In fact, the Asia Pacific Insights: Influencer Marketing Report 2023 released by Partipost and MSW Ventures says that 60% of the brands here in the Philippines allocate up to 50% of their budget to influencer marketing. 

While influencers and vloggers are undoubtedly popular here in the Philippines, many use this to take advantage of brands by asking for free products and services in exchange for content. This particular behavior is what a cafe from Negros Occidental called out in a Facebook post that has gone viral since it was published. 

With around 4,700 reactions, 2,200 shares, and 1,400 comments as of writing, the post has started a discussion on whether it is the cafe or the vloggers that are wrong in the scenario. In this article, we look into what happened and how this incident can serve as a lesson for both influencers and businesses.

The Viral Facebook Post

The cafe in question is known as Mr. Bunny Cafe PH. Its Facebook post starts with “We do not support vlogger or vlog endorsements, no matter how famous you are in the whole of Negros Occidental, if the exchange is that we pay for your transportation to and from, and then serve you all of our best-sellers from the menu.” 

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