There's money in content creation, which is why we ask TikTok EduCreator Kia Abrera about how aspiring influencers can monetize their craft as creative entrepreneurs.

Social media has now become the go-to for news and the latest happenings. In fact, the Philippines is known as one of the world's biggest social media users, and this rings true for the streaming platforms like TikTok, which have 33 million users as of 2022 from the Philippines alone! Meanwhile, Instagram has over 19 million users (that's 17% of the population!), while Facebook users encompass over 88% of the country's entire population with over 100 million users.

With these numbers came the rise of content creators. Although they built a strong presence even before the pandemic, their following has grown in leaps and bounds during the pandemic, specifically for TikTok, with 318 million downloads, according to Sensor Tower.

On another end, companies have taken advantage of this new kind of marketing by offering paid collaboration and ex-deals in exchange for posts, videos, and stories alike. This was the birth of influencer marketing—a kind of creative entrepreneurship that aspiring content creators can monetize when they play their cards right.

In order to know more about monetizing social media, whether as a content creator or as a PR agency, we seek the help of TikTok EduCreator Kia Abrera of BraveWorks Inc to know more.

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