With just PHP 2,000, Rose Consuelle Velasco-Soriano was able to become her own boss and grow ROSA Manila Meat Products into a thriving flavored meat business.

How much capital does one need to start a small business? PHP 10,000? PHP 50,000? PHP 100,000? Believe it or not, with borrowed money of just PHP 2,000, Rose Consuelle Velasco-Soriano—known to many as Rose—was able to grow her flavored meat business into a burgeoning enterprise that now competes with long-established frozen meat brands.

Here’s how she did it.

The Pork and Beef Biz

The road to owning and operating a business was rough and patchy, to say the least. Rose started as a flight attendant for Kuwait Airlines before getting married. The demands of motherhood, however, cut her flying days short as she focused on her young brood.

Even then, she tried to have side hustles to augment the family income. This included selling luxury bags, and jewelry and joining networking companies. All were unsuccessful. However, these failures did not deter Rose from finding a stable source of income.

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