Customizing Your Business to Fit Your Customers’ Needs, One Unforgettable Trip at a Time, According to Angely Dub, Founder of Access Travel

Now that the travel industry has made a comeback, Access Travel Founder Angely Dub shares how businesses can cater to the needs of a modern-day jet setter.

With over 100 countries explored and a 12-year travel agency to her name, Angely Dub is the very definition of living a life well-traveled. A multi-hyphenated woman in her own right, Angely is an entrepreneur, traveler, podcast speaker, and influencer. But beyond that, she is foremost known as the founder and face of Access Travel, a premium travel company that offers curated trips to far-flung places and key destinations around the world.

To date, the company not only boasts of a diverse portfolio of destinations that they themselves have visited, but also a large loyal customer base, and millions in profit. And what's even more noteworthy to point out is that Access Travel started when Angely was just 19 years old—just a year after graduating from university, no less!

"I think I just knew from the very beginning I did not want to work for anyone and everything just aligned," Angely begins in her exclusive interview with The Business Manual. "I am not going to sugarcoat it, but I will say that I am not extraordinary. People can do greater things."

"Aside from what I've done in my life, they can do a lot of things," she continues. "But what I'm really good at it, [is knowing] how to make use of all the opportunities presented to me."

From successfully amassing a loyal customer base to building a capable team, growing her company, traveling across the world, and more, Angely shares how she was able to redefine the travel industry—the Access Travel way. This is her story.

Where it All Began

For as long as she could remember, Angely has been living a fast-paced life. "Everything started when I was 16," she narrates. "Tiny steps that turned into leaps. A decade after all that hard work, I finally explored and conquered all 7 continents of the world with Access Travel."