According to Senior Designer and Marketing Head Abby Castro, it’s not enough to splash a lot of pink on your design and branding if you want to target a female audience.

Did you know that over 80% of purchases and purchase influence are actually made by women? No wonder many companies and brands prefer to target women as their chosen audience!

Thing is, appealing to women is not as simple as splashing a lot of pink into a brand’s logo or marketing campaign. In fact, many brands make the mistake of using gender stereotypes and not really understanding female needs and how women think, behave, and even feel. This may be perceived as an insult (because women are not programmed to buy everything pink) or worse, result in backlash.

For tips on how your branding can target a female audience better, we asked senior designer and marketing head Abby Castro to share some strategies and insights. Here's what she has to say.

What kind of tone and voice do you recommend for a company's branding whose main target audience is females?

The tone of voice is an amazing brand differentiator. 

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