Companies play a crucial role in the formation of their female employees into women leaders. Thus, it is important to overcome barriers that hinder their growth. Here's how.

According to the 2022 Women in the Workplace report by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, only one in four C-suite leaders—defined by Investopedia as the “upper echelons of a corporation's senior executives and managers"—is a woman. This goes to show that to this day, women remain underrepresented in higher leadership positions in companies.

While there are different factors that contribute to this workplace gap, including structural and cultural barriers, these setbacks make it difficult for women to advance and grow. But in a progressive workplace where employees value growth and learning, companies must now incorporate measures that allow for that.

In this article, we look into the different challenges that women have to deal with, as well as how companies can help them overcome such barriers in order to advance in their careers. 

Barriers to Women’s Advancement in the Workplace

Structural and cultural barriers have become issues that women have to deal with in their quest for success and advancement at work. Here are some examples:

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