Given the growing number of online businesses since the pandemic started, we compiled a quick guide to help business owners who want to know if they need to register with DTI.

According to data from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the number of online sellers increased from 1,700 in March 2020 to 93,310 in January 2021. What's more, Malaysian firm iPrice Group reported in a study that e-commerce demand in the Philippines grew by 53% and spending on said online services went up by 57%!

This just goes to show that during the pandemic, there was a boom in online businesses. In fact, you can find everything there—from food and clothes to furniture and other home necessities on Facebook, Instagram, and even in selling apps like Shopee or Lazada.

By now, you have probably seen several of these stores declaring themselves “DTI-registered” on their profiles. This—along with the regulations on e-commerce that was released by DTI themselves—has current and new online business owners asking: are online businesses required to register with DTI?

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