From humble beginnings to leading multiple businesses, Roswell Limsui's success story stems from steering the ship in the right direction.

Our life is always full of adversities and challenges, and a business is also like life, begins Engr. Roswell Limsui. The esteemed business magnate is the president and CEO of multiple corporations that have had their fair share of trials over the years.

“[Businesses] will always face various challenges and threats that might make or break its life too," he adds. And the key to a company’s success? “It would be how they meet and embrace these challenges.”

Roswell believes that there are multiple ways to approach a problem. “Sometimes it would need to make drastic internal or external changes to its current organization.” This direction, Roswell states, would allow the company to push itself and grow⁠—possibly to different paths especially when it finds itself at a crossroads.

Steering a ship has never been easy and Roswell has been through every up and down. He is the leader of New Panay Agri-ventures Development, Inc. and RL Royal Prime Construction Company. He’s also on the Board of Directors and serves as the Secretary for associations like The Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo, Inc (FCCCII) and Hwa Siong College of Iloilo.

In fact, Roswell Limsui's even the President of Lin Pok Sy Association and the Vice President for the Dynamic Youth Iloilo Chapter, and the Prime Estate Iloilo Subdivision Homeowners Association.

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