From the Ground Up: Roswell Limsui’s Story of Growth and Success

From humble beginnings to leading multiple businesses, Roswell Limsui’s success story stems from steering the ship in the right direction.

Our life is always full of adversities and challenges, and a business is also like life, begins Engr. Roswell Limsui. The esteemed business magnate is the president and CEO of multiple corporations that have had their fair share of trials over the years.

“[Businesses] will always face various challenges and threats that might make or break its life too,” he adds. And the key to a company’s success? “It would be how they meet and embrace these challenges.”

Roswell believes that there are multiple ways to approach a problem. “Sometimes it would need to make drastic internal or external changes to its current organization.” This direction, Roswell states, would allow the company to push itself and grow⁠—possibly to different paths especially when it finds itself at a crossroads.

Steering a ship has never been easy and Roswell has been through every up and down. He is the leader of New Panay Agri-ventures Development, Inc. and RL Royal Prime Construction Company. He’s also on the Board of Directors and serves as the Secretary for associations like The Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo, Inc (FCCCII) and Hwa Siong College of Iloilo.

In fact, Roswell Limsui’s even the President of Lin Pok Sy Association and the Vice President for the Dynamic Youth Iloilo Chapter, and the Prime Estate Iloilo Subdivision Homeowners Association.

Where it All Began

It all began at their pig farm⁠—Charlie’s Farm Corporation⁠—where he had worked since he was a teenager up until its closure in 2018 due to environmental reasons. “It was a business started and managed by my father since 1976 until he turned over its management to me in 1998.”

This was soon followed by a job at New Panay Agri-ventures Development, Inc., a small local feed mill known for carrying the brand LOVEFEEDS⁠—distributed throughout the islands of Panay, Negros, and Palawan. It was founded by his father and his friends and began operations back in June 1990. Roswell, however, took over the reins in 2001.

After years in the agricultural industry and following the closure of the family farm, Roswell expanded his reach to dive into construction with RL Royal Prime Construction Company⁠—a ready-mix concrete manufacturer⁠—which he founded and started on his own in 2018.

From his years of experience, he has a clear idea of what his job entails. “My role is to steer the company towards a common goal and direction together with competent people, especially in the management team, and build a strong core and foundation.” He also cites the quote “Together we grow and make a difference,” as something he fully believes in, given his core belief in creating long-term sustainability projects with short-term goals.

A Culture of Empowerment and Growth

If there’s anything that differentiates Roswell from his competitors, he believes that there are a few key things that truly define how he not only runs a business but overcomes the challenges that come with it. “I always believe investing in people is just as important as investing in machines and equipment. People are our most valuable asset,” he opines.

He says that while equipment can be bought and copied, people have always remained unique. It’s because of this belief that he insists on more robust employee training and development programs, as well as developing a culture of listening and empowerment. “Equipping employees, especially the management team, with further knowledge and skills for them to be able to lead their department. The company offers study grants if they are interested in enrolling in graduate studies.”

Weekly management meetings also allow them to have a free exchange of ideas and align goals. “The company makes it a point to listen to its people.” The approach is inspired by a quote from Steve Jobs, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Continuing the internal changes, equipment is something experienced by both staff and consumers through its direct influence on the company’s output. “The trend changes rapidly as new equipment and infrastructure have become more efficient and safer. I believe in investing in high-precision machinery and equipment to deliver the highest quality and most valuable products to consumers,” he explains.

This, coupled with the development and management of an efficient and effective supply chain, ensures the delivery of quality products to consumers.

Roswell Limsui’s Message for the Youth

Lastly, Roswell believes in investing in the community. “We do community projects with public and private organizations. I strive to give back by creating small sustainable goals,” he shares. The hope is that these programs last for a very long time—not just for today but for generations and generations to come.

For all his years in business, Roswell has a simple piece of advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. “Go and conquer your fear. There is nothing better than taking the first step. You may fail, fall, and be frustrated, but there will always be achievement, fulfillment, and inspiring deeds. Success is a perception and to have achievement is self-fulfillment.”

And for all his accomplishments and responsibilities, he continues to find it important to recharge. “It is a time where you can reflect on decisions made and remind yourself of your goals and priorities. Once you give yourself time to step back, your family and people will follow.” Simplicity, Roswell says, makes life easy.


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