Look Good, Feel Good: Meet Cris Aldeguer-Roque, President and CEO of Kamiseta

From clothing to now, skincare, Cris Aldeguer-Roque—the President and CEO of Kamiseta Group of Companies—shares her secret to success.

Cris Aldeguer-Roque began Kamiseta with PHP 6,000 and a dream. 30 years later, they now have 75 stores nationwide. And as someone who had already gone through the journey of starting a new company, she went and did it again just four years ago with Kamiseta Skin—hoping to dive into a new industry and to further build Kamiseta’s brand.

“I have always been very fascinated by the skin clinic business,” she shares. Not one to back away from the challenge of entering an industry with a completely different set of rules, Cris also felt that having a skincare arm would complement their fashion business. “Our advocacy is to promote beauty inside and out.”

Thriving Amid the Pandemic

After time and research, Cris began her new venture with the best that they can offer. “I started the Kamiseta Skin Clinic as a state-of-the-art facility, complete with top-of-the-line laser machines and excellent board-certified dermatologists at Ayala the 30th,” she shares proudly.