Under Bryan Yap's leadership, Lepanto Mining has struck gold in Mankayan. Since then, he devoted his cause to innovating and giving back to the community.

Mining was not a top-of-mind choice for Bryan Yap back then, but as they say, "fate finds a way." A graduate of the University of British Columbia with a course in Economics, he first joined a stock brokerage firm for about a year before joining the Lepanto Group of Companies (Lepanto) in 1994.

And so, he found his way into the mines.

Initially, Bryan started as the Vice President for Manila Mining—an affiliate company of Lepanto. Soon after, he became the Chief Finance Officer of Lepanto Consolidated before becoming the President. All the while, he moved from his comfort zone in finance to operations, where he began to explore the specialized nature of this industry, and eventually, visited the mine itself.

Fast forward to the present, he now serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer at Lepanto. From his position, the vantage point is clear: he can now change lives, help the country, and give back to the community.

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