In a competitive beauty industry, homegrown brand Colourette stood out from everyone else. Here's an insider look at how they succeeded.

While perusing makeup products in your favorite department store or shop are still ever so present despite the pandemic, the shift to online buying and selling has divided the market. This is how many businesses have grown despite not owning any physical shops of their own, and homegrown brand Colourette is one of them.

Founded by Nina Dizon-Cabrera, Colourette and Fresh Formula are tied to Niv Della Beauty Innovations, Inc.—a proudly Filipina-owned cosmetics company. With the goal of bringing high-quality, affordable, and effective beauty and skincare products to Filipinos, both brands, particularly Colourette, have quickly become cult favorites.

This caught the attention of Foxmont Capital Partners—an independent venture capital firm that focuses on Filipino-founded and Filipino-focused early-stage startups, which in turn, provided funding that will help Colourette and Fresh Formula grow to new heights.

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