A Man of Many Hats: Robert Gerard Nazal Jr. on Building a Better World

Entrepreneur, businessman, and builder of dreams. Get to know Robert Gerard Nazal Jr., his diverse businesses, and his success story.

Robert Gerard Nazal, Jr. is a dream builder. As the figurehead of seven different companies in the country, it’s not a stretch to call him a renaissance man. From wellness companies to mining and construction, Robert was no stranger to the world of business.

He admits, however, that all of it feels like a dream—one that began a long time ago. He begins, “It has always been my dream to run my own business but I never thought [that] I will turn out to be a serial entrepreneur [and] managing several businesses.”

Build, Build, Build

To him, every part of his life played an important role in placing him where he is today. While there are obvious factors like his undergraduate degree from Ateneo de Manila University and his post-graduate degree in Business Economics at the University of Asia and the Pacific, there are also more whimsical factors to consider. Like his childhood interests and the way he saw the world around him.