A very spicy lawsuit between the company and its supplier has contributed to the change in taste of the well-loved Sriracha sauce.

Any hot sauce lover out there has tried the ever-so-popular Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha Hot Sauce. But did you know that a green-capped bottle of this famous sauce will now cost you up to around $52 (approximately PHP 3,000) on Amazon? That’s a huge jump for a bottle of hot sauce that previously cost just under $5 or $10 (approximately PHP 285 or PHP 570). 

In fact, it was so hard to find the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Sauce that people started talking about a possible Sriracha shortage. Many alternatives also started popping up on grocery shelves, but many loyal patrons have said that nothing compares to Huy Hong’s version. 

Apparently, not even itself. 

Fans of the beloved hot sauce have complained that it no longer tastes like it once did. And there is a reason for all this. For one thing, it all started with a very spicy lawsuit that put a bitter end to the decades-long relationship between Huy Fong Foods and its pepper supplier. And this may very well change the well-loved legacy brand. Here's what happened.

The Company: Huy Fong Foods

Huy Fong Foods traces its origin back to Vietnam where founder David Tran began making hot sauces using peppers grown on the farm of his older brother. Reports note that even after leaving Vietnam due to the Sino-Vietnamese War in February 1980, Tran continued making his sauces in California.

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