Beautypreneur Nikki Tang and Charles Mandy of DMark Beauty and DermAsia on the Beauty of Collaborative Business

From pioneering the distribution of beauty products and equipment to the Philippines to working together as siblings, Nikki Tang and Charles Mandy share success secrets on how they made it work.

Beauty is an ever-changing concept—dictated by trends and perceptions. This thriving industry in the Philippines boasts a significant demand for personal care products, attested by the 110 million (2% to 5% of the total population!) who are able to spend on higher-end beauty products and a US$5.89 billion (around PHP 333.93 billion) valuation in 2023 that is expected to grow annually by 0.83% from 2023 to 2028.

While many brands, both local and international, have made their way to Philippine shores, there are veteran brands with decades of experience that have stood the test of time, and even businesses that have helped in building these brands up.

Case in point: DMark Beauty and DermAsia. Touted as the global beauty expert, DMark Beauty is a well-known distributor of brands like Heliocare, Neostrata, Bioderma, Coverderm, Sebamed, and Puressentiel. Meanwhile, DermAsia is the go-to distributor of medical and aesthetic devices to centers, hospitals, and clinics in the Philippines—with brands like Lumenis, Asclepion, Alma, Pollogen, Sygmalift, and Endymed under its wing.

Leading these two beauty giants are equally inspiring business figures: Nikki Tang and Charles Mandy. A name that is synonymous with beauty, Nikki is a woman of perseverance and grit—known foremost as an inspirational speaker and beautypreneur. But more so, she has made a name for herself in the industry as the multi-awarded CEO of both DMark Beauty and DermAsia, while her brother Charles takes on the equally illustrious role as the latter's Managing Director.

In this exclusive interview with The Business Manual, the two reveal success secrets and future plans for their respective brands and share what it's like working together as siblings.

From Siblings to Business Partners

Born to a Filipino-Chinese family meant that Nikki and Charles were equipped with the much-needed business skills to not only run the family business—but even start businesses of their own. As for how the two were thrust into the world of beauty, their origin stories vary, with Nikki's foundation built on an innate passion.