Beyond being just a buzzword made popular by TikTok, rage applying is a concern that companies should address if they want to keep their employees from leaving.

Did you know that on average, companies lose around 13% of their workforce annually because their employees have chosen to leave of their own volition? The thing is, employees leave because of a wide range of reasons—including a shift in career, family or health problems, and relocation to a different city or country.

And, of course, there are those who leave because they are very unhappy and dissatisfied with their current company, salary, and workload, among other reasons.

This, in particular, is what fuels the latest corporate trend seen among Gen Z and millennial employees: rage applying. But what exactly is it? 

What is Rage Applying?

In its barest essence, rage applying is the process of applying to multiple jobs at the same time because an employee is dissatisfied with his or her current role or current workplace. And the reason why it has become popular is because many TikTokers claim that they have been receiving not just one, but several job offers in a short span of time!

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