Among the things that Filipinos are known for is their creativity. In fact, statistics say that there are around 6.98 million Filipinos who are employed in the creative industries. Filipinos are also known for their keen eye for detail, which is why it was no longer surprising to see how Filipinos reacted to newly unveiled logos, especially the recent one that the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) recently unveiled. 

In case you missed it, PAGCOR unveiled a new red and blue logo that resembles a flame. People took their sentiments to social media to express their disappointment about how this logo worked as a downgrade from the one it replaced. Aside from how it looked, what irked them more was when they found out how the logo cost 3 million pesos. 

Along with the backlash came some allegations that the new logo was plagiarized, which PAGCOR and the artist refuted. Here are more details about it. 

About the New Logo 

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