Social media pages have been the go-to for inquiries, learning more about a company's products and services, and more. Here's how to make yours more efficient.

Did you know that 67% of consumers expect brands and companies to have social media pages that actually provide customer service? And this is hardly surprising, given that social media these days has become a primary source of information—be it about the brands and companies themselves or about the products or services they offer. 

Furthermore, social media pages have also become a place for people to provide feedback—both good and bad. Unfortunately, the latter can be rather unpleasant for social media managers, especially when complaints cross the line towards being rude.

With that being said, running a company's social media page can be a tricky responsibility altogether. After all, in order to keep a healthy social media presence, there are things that should and should not be done. 

For social media managers and business owners such as yourself, we put together a list of dos and don’ts with the help of Matt Lester Matel—a partner of bespoke footwear brand GodFather Shoes—who has years of experience in running his bra

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