People often see the words "dermatologically tested" on products. But what does this mean? We explore why this is important in establishing credibility, especially for skincare brands.

Credibility is an important factor in doing business. After all, if you want your brand to stand out, you need to be trusted by your customers. But just when you think building credibility is complex, maintaining it takes even more work! Without it, however, your business may struggle to attract and retain customers.

How can you build your brand's credibility? Beyond the packaging, backing from celebrity endorsers, and all the frills that come with what you're selling, first and foremost, the product has to work. It is, after all, what your customers will be paying for.

And in a world with many options, it's just as easy to switch to another brand, which as a business owner, you wouldn't want your customers to do.

While word of mouth and first-hand experience does help establish credibility, getting the approval of experts can help further legitimize your product. After all, expert opinion is usually backed by data, analysis, and studies—facts, which hold more water than opinions. Each industry has its own pool of experts, but in the skincare and beauty industry, we usually seek the advice of dermatologists.

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