Meet the Senior Editors of Vogue Philippines

Vogue Philippines names the talented individuals that will join its team.

Following news of the company’s president, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Philippines today announced more names in its growing editorial team.

“We recently unveiled the first appointments of Vogue Philippines’ team, and now we’re thrilled to announce more names, which include veteran and trusted editors with decades of experience in the publishing industry,” says Archie Carrasco, the Chairman, and CEO of Mega Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI)—the company responsible for bringing in international franchises like NYLON Manila and now, Vogue Philippines.

With fashion and beauty at the forefront of the brand, Daryl Chang will be serving as the Fashion Editor of Vogue Philippines, while Joyce Oreña will join as the brand’s Beauty Editor. On the other hand, Audrey Carpio takes on the role of Features Editor and Jacs Sampayan will join the team as the Managing Editor.

Meet the Team

With over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry—both as Fashion Editor and Fashion Director—Daryl Chang’s skills are accompanied by an impressive portfolio. Determined to use her expertise to share the Filipino voice, taste, and style with the rest of the world, she will be doing so by collaborating closely with Vogue Philippines’ fashion director Pam Quiñones.

“Vogue’s compelling imagery and intelligent storytelling have always been my benchmark of fashion and I am thrilled to take on the role as Vogue Philippines’ Fashion Editor,” says Chang. “The opportunity to shape the way the world sees Filipino fashion and culture by shining a light on our incredible craftsmanship and creativity is an honor.”

Next is Joyce Oreña, Vogue Philippines’ Beauty Editor. Her skills are backed by three decades of experience in the fashion and beauty industries. And that includes modeling for some of the top Manila designers in the ‘90s. Armed with the goal of becoming a passionate storyteller, she sets her sights on elevating the Philippines on a global level by using her words to artfully craft stories about beauty and wellness.

Audrey Carpio—Vogue Philippines’ Features Editor—is a sought-after writer and editor who has been regularly contributing to some of the most established and widely-read titles in Metro Manila. Aside from her extensive writing portfolio, she drafts and edits speeches and articles for the Department of Tourism.

And finally, the Managing Editor of Vogue Philippines: Jacs Sampayan. A veteran in his own right, he comes with over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. Likewise, he has worked with different teams of powerful content creators and passionate storytellers and continually uses his skills to weave words into captivating stories.

“Vogue has been the Holy Grail for Philippine publishing for a long time,” he shares. “To finally have our own is a symbol of hope and better days, and that optimism will carry beyond the fashion industry. I am honored to be part of this pioneering team.”

“We wanted to include talents that are both seasoned and emerging to complete the Vogue Philippines editorial team, so that expertise is passed on and sustained,” says Suki Salvador, the President of MGLI. “Today, we enlisted four seasoned talents to form a stellar set of Vogue Philippines editors, which now includes Daryl Chang, Joyce Oreña, Audrey Carpio, and Jacs Sampayan. I’m delighted to be working with the finest in the country.”


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