Rhoda Campos-Aldanese: New COO of MEGA Global Licensing Inc.

Rhoda Campos-Aldanese is ready to push MGLI to new heights, by taking global brands like VOGUE Philippines and NYLON Manila under her wing.

A trailblazer and a strong woman in her own right, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese takes on the momentous and prestigious job of being the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI).

As the media and publishing company that houses some of the biggest and boldest global media brands, MGLI will really need someone capable and experienced—someone, who can take charge. And Chairman and CEO of MGLI, Archie Carrasco believes that with Campos-Aldanese’s 20 years of experience working with international brands, she fits the bill perfectly.

“I have no doubt she is the right chief that will expand MGLI’s business portfolio to reignite the Philippine media,” Carrasco shares. 

Backed with Years of Experience

Defined by her 20-year career in the luxury industry, Campos-Aldanese is known for trailblazing the growth, expansion, and elevation of some of the biggest brands in the market. In fact, her vast retail experience is more than enough proof of her undeniable skill as a strong player in the industry.