10 Ways to Grow Your Business, as Told by Tommanny Tan, CEO of I-Fern

In this exclusive interview with The Business Manual, I-Fern CEO Tommanny Tan talks about how he made his business grow into the empire that it is today and how you can, too.

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Being an entrepreneur is not something for the faint-hearted. While it can lead to success and wealth, there are just as many risks involved. For most people, entrepreneurship takes a mix of business acumen, skills, investments, support, and a wildcard of luck to make it work. But for others, the art of entrepreneurship is already ingrained in one's DNA.

Take for example businessman and CEO Tommanny Tan. The brains behind FERN, Inc. and the health and wellness multi-level marketing company I-FERN, he left the security of a thriving family business and started a new venture—which not only grew but also helped change people's lives.

Established in 2012, I-FERN was founded following FERN-C's success, as 70% of this popular Vitamin C brand's sales were going to drugstores. To date, I-FERN carries a wide range of products—from FERN-D, a vitamin D supplement ton FERN-ACTIV, a multivitamin, MilkCA, a dietary supplement that is the only one in the world that uses calcium from cow's milk, and finally, a toothpaste brand called SilverFresh.

Moreover, Tan's success could be attributed to shifting to direct selling as his business model. By empowering Filipinos to become their own bosses, he aspires to make the country and its people more recognizable on a global scale.

"What I'm doing right now is sharing prosperity through entrepreneurship. Some people don't understand that, so I just say that I'm in the business of creating millionaires," he shares. "[Back then], I've seen my grandparents' employees. [In fact], their children are my parents' employees, and their children are my employees. So, tatlong generations kaming negosyante, tatlong generations silang empleyado."

He goes on to explain the potential he sees in the country, given the right guidance. "The Philippines can be a great country if more people were entrepreneurs—but the right kind of entrepreneurs. [That is], with a business that you can scale up. A business where you create a brand, [which] you can take outside the Philippines."