In a time where good health and wellness are essential, businessman and CEO Tommanny Tan makes people's health his business.

Being an entrepreneur is not something for the faint-hearted. While it can lead to success and wealth, there are just as many risks involved. Entrepreneurship, you see, takes a mix of business acumen, skills, investments, support, and a wildcard of luck to make it work. And just as entrepreneurship is cultivated from years of experience, it's also a skill that is taught and carefully honed to attain success.

But in some cases, the art of entrepreneurship is already ingrained in one's DNA. Take for example the case of businessman and CEO Tommanny Tan. The brains behind FERN, Inc. and the health and wellness multi-level marketing company I-FERN, he took the risk and started a new venture—which not only grew but also helped change people's lives.

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