Send Stories of Hope and Progress to GCash’s #GCashStories

#GCashStories features different real-life stories of hope, hard work, and resilience amid trying times. Got a story? Here’s how you can send it.

With its 76 million-strong user base, GCash has become the country’s number one e-wallet and only double unicorn. Moreover, it has become the go-to of millions to send and receive money, pay bills, and even invest digitally, as evidently seen in the last few years.

Highlighting the strength, resilience, and perseverance of Filipinos, especially during times of hardships and uncertainties, GCash has launched #GCashStories—Mga Kwento ng Pag-asa at Pag-asenso—a digital series that features real modern-day stories of progress that show how they have improved their lives through the use of GCash. 

That being said, the aim of #GCashStories is to bring forward heartwarming stories involving GCash, which, in turn, can ignite hope that hardships and changes can be empowering, despite how difficult they may be. 

“With over 70 million people using GCash, we have millions of stories to tell,” says GCash Chief Marketing Officer Neil Trinidad. “Every story, big or small, is a story worth telling because they are stories of progress and hope.” 

The Story of Cocoy Rubio

#GCashStories premieres with a story of perseverance and grit that played out during one of the most challenging times in modern history—the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions forced to stay at home, many Filipinos were laid off from their jobs. One of them is Cocoy Rubio. 

Cocoy was laid off as a bartender at the height of the pandemic, compelling him to look for another source of income. This led him to become an entrepreneur who started a business called The Bike Coffee in Cagayan De Oro. 

Cocoy’s GCash story highlights how he was able to start his own business with the help of GCash, as he used the e-wallet to pay for supplies and even apply for a loan for added capital. He was able to do this via GLoan, which provides safe, fast, and reliable cash loans of up to PHP 125,000 without the need for additional documents. 

You can watch Cocoy’s GCash story below:

GCash Takes It a Step Further

Other than sharing stories that can tug on heartstrings in the hopes of inspiring more people, Globe takes things a step further by partnering with different non-governmental organizations to provide solutions to real-world problems.

In fact, GCash has partnered with the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, as well as Go Negosyo to help raise funds for their different livelihood and entrepreneurship programs through #GCashStories.

Got a Story to Share? Here’s How

There are millions of #GCashStories out there and yours may be one of them. If you want to share your GCash story, you can post a video on TikTok, explaining how GCash helped you in your everyday life or how you were able to help someone else through the e-wallet. Sharing your story gives you a chance to win up to PHP 10,000 worth of prizes!

Don’t forget to tag the official GCash TikTok account, including the hashtags #GCashStories #Storytime. The post with the highest views and engagement will be picked as the winner.

Stay tuned for more inspiring and heartwarming #GCashStories by following the different social media pages of GCash. Just search for @gcashofficial