Visionary Leader Ernest Cu on Pioneering Digital Solutions in the Philippines

Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu has made his mark in the business world by redefining the BPO, Telco, and Fintech industries. Here's what he has planned next.

Who has not heard of Ernest Cu? A man with many achievements and credentials to his name, he is foremost known as the current President and CEO of Globe Telecom—the largest mobile network and digital solutions provider in the Philippines.

Before making waves in the telecommunications company, he was credited for pioneering the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model in the Philippines, which earned him recognition as one of its founding fathers. From there, his successes translated into many awards, which include being named the Best Telco CEO by London-based business magazine The Global Economics just this year.

These, however, are not a first for the serial awardee, as he too has been named the Best Telecommunications CEO at the 2021 International Finance Awards; Asia’s Best CEO by Corporate Governance Asia at their 10th Asian Excellence Awards in 2020; and CEO of the Year at the Asia Communications Awards in 2017, among many others.

All this stemmed from a journey that Cu himself shares with us in this exclusive feature.