This New Test Center Helps Filipinos Study Overseas for Free

IDP Philippines opened its new office in Quezon City to provide free quality education for Filipino students who want to study abroad.

According to an international education specialist, more and more Filipino students choose to study abroad—amid growing interest in a better education system, cultural diversity, and promising opportunities. In fact, just recently, research shows that Australia has been named the leading go-to country for most Filipinos studying overseas with nearly 15,000 enrollees.

Studying abroad, however, is not a walk in the park, as applicants have to jump through hoops to fulfill all the necessary steps. This includes meeting a language proficiency requirement to ensure that they can keep up with their new environment.

This is where IDP Philippines comes in to help provide services for Filipinos who want to study abroad

IDP Philippines, one of the leading global education service providers, opened its new office in Quezon City on November 15. That way, it can provide free quality education for Filipino students aspiring to study overseas.

Providing Opportunities to Study Abroad

IDP specializes in combining human expertise with the leading digital platform to help students get accepted into their ideal course, take an English language test, or learn English in schools. Its new office in Quezon City offers face-to-face counseling and study abroad student services, which make language proficiency tests more accessible for Filipinos who live in the northern part of the National Capital Region.

Moreover, the new IDP Quezon City Office houses its newest International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test center.

Globally, IDP has supported over 700,000 students in pursuing courses abroad by providing expert-level counseling, access to a comprehensive digital platform, and certification in the world’s most recognized English language test.

Opening Doors to Global Education

According to the IDP executive, an increasing number of Filipinos aspire to study abroad—viewing it as an opportunity to secure employment in more advanced nations. “We really are a migration-driven market. They want to be able to study there so that they can work there and, eventually and hopefully, migrate there,” said Jose Miguel Habana, the Country Director of IDP Philippines.

Filipino students are increasingly drawn to the prospect of studying abroad. However, the journey to studying abroad is far from effortless. Aspiring applicants face a labyrinth of requirements—with language proficiency being a pivotal hurdle.

The newly established IDP office in Quezon City stands as a beacon of assistance for Filipino students who aspire to study overseas—serving as a valuable resource for students seeking acceptance into foreign courses, navigating language assessments, and enhancing English language proficiency.

With a track record of aiding hundreds of thousands of students globally and operating in numerous countries, IDP Philippines is well-positioned to continue supporting the aspirations of Filipino students seeking educational and career opportunities beyond their homeland.