While more overseas Filipino professionals want to return to the Philippines, some factors stop them from doing so.

A recent poll conducted by Robert Walters Philippines shows that 62% of overseas Filipino professionals want to relocate back to the country in the next five years. This figure is an increase from two years back when only 54% of respondents expressed any desire to return home. 

A mix of personal and economic reasons have been given to explain the urge to head home. Poll results show that 56% of those who want to return are motivated by the desire to take care of their family. The remaining 44% are motivated by their strong emotional, social, and cultural connection to the country. 

Moreover, many overseas Filipino professionals have a positive outlook on the country’s economy, which contributes to their desire to head home. 46% of those with a positive outlook cite the Philippines’ economic stability, growth prospects, and opportunities for entrepreneurship or business projects as encouraging factors for their desire to return.

However, despite all these, there are poll respondents who have expressed reluctance to return to the Philippines from overseas. In fact, 30% of the respondents have absolutely no intention to return to the country. 

But what exactly is stopping them from heading home? 

3 Reasons Why Overseas Filipino Professionals Refuse to Come Back

Low Confidence in the Country’s Economic Stability

Poll results show that 38% of its respondents are reluctant to return home due to economic concerns, while 80% reason that overseas economies are more stable than the Philippine economy. 

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