This Motorcycle Taxi App Will Offer Car Ride-Hailing Services Soon

The announcement, which was made during the company’s townhall event, teased that more details will be announced soon.

Angkas, one of the three companies in the country that offer motorcycle taxi services, has announced that it will be entering the transport network vehicle service (TNVS). The new ride-hailing service will be known as Angcars. 

According to a report by Rappler, Angkas CEO George Royeca said that “Angcars is designed to be an advanced ride-hailing app that seamlessly blends affordability with user-friendly navigation.” 

As for its existing app, new options for the service were also announced during the townhall event. One of these is Angkas Health, which seeks to make healthcare services more accessible. Another upcoming feature is Angkas Padala, which is geared towards digital sellers. 

What to Expect from Angcars

Angcars will feature several options that users can choose from when looking for a ride. These include Angcars Economy and Angcars Plus. These options allow users to pick between a four-seater and a six-seater vehicle. 

More details will be announced in the coming months, including when the app will go live. Although no specific date has been given as of press time, it is expected to happen within the year. 

Adding to the Ride-Hailing Competition

Angkas’ impending entrance into the TNVS market will challenge Grab, which has dominated the market after buying Uber’s Southeast Asian operations. As Rappler notes in its report, “Although Grab does not technically monopolize the ride-hailing service market, its operations dwarf that of other accredited TNCs.” 

As of press time, Angkas’ fellow motorcycle taxi app is already offering car ride-hailing services. Meanwhile, another company that is expected to enter the market include Capital A Berhand.

The addition of Angcars and other future challengers to Grab’s dominance will ensure a healthy competition in the market. Their arrival, more importantly, provides more transportation options for Filipinos, especially those who rely on ride-hailing services for their daily commute.