All in Stride: Why Metrobank Is for Beginners and Seasoned Investors Alike

Metrobank’s investment options and wealth management services are coupled with a strong track record of stability and reliability.

Metrobank’s investment options and wealth management services are coupled with a strong track record of stability and reliability.

In today’s day and age, we are faced with a myriad of options when it comes to growing our money. New investment products and services from both financial and non-financial institutions are popping up every day.

Being presented with a wealth of options can be overwhelming. This is why it is important to find a financial institution that you can trust with your hard-earned money, and will provide products that address your needs and financial goals.

One of the banks you can consider and trust is Metrobank. It provides a wide range of investment options tailored to every stage of life, even as your needs change.

Metrobank has a strong track record in wealth management, and they are manned by a team of experts with exceptional knowledge and record-investment performance. The bank is also consistently recognized by the local and global industry experts, reassuring that it is a reliable partner in your financial journey. More importantly, it is stable, too, recognized as the first-ever Philippine financial institution to be awarded by The Asian Banker with the Strongest Bank title for three straight years from 2021 to 2023.

Whether you are just starting out on your investment journey or are a seasoned investor, your finances are in good hands, backed by a strong track record and financial stability.

For the Beginner

Metrobank caters to beginners and conservative investors through its Online Time Deposit product, offering a low-risk option with guaranteed returns. This investment avenue provides competitive interest rates*, starting at over four percent per annum. Additionally, it is highly accessible, allowing individuals to open an account online—through the Metrobank Online or the Earnest app. Deposits ranging from PHP 10,000 to PHP 49,999 can earn an interest rate of 4.125 percent per annum for one year, increasing to 4.5 percent per annum for larger fund placements.

Beginners can also start their investment journey with securities issued by the national government, or with basic Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) like Money Market Funds. With Metrobank, customers can start their investment in UITFs for as low as PHP 1,000.

For the Advanced Investor

Metrobank offers a suite of options that fit the advanced investor’s short-term and long-term goals, risk tolerance, and asset allocation preference. Corporate bonds issued by companies with sound financial performance offer higher returns than comparable government securities.

You can also access domestic and international assets through Metrobank’s UITF products or mutual funds offered by Metrobank’s affiliate First Metro Asset Management (FAMI). This gives you a number of options with different levels of potential for growth—so you can choose products that best fit your financial goals.

Meanwhile, Metrobank’s stockbrokerage arm, First Metro Securities, can get you access to any securities listed on the stock exchange through their online trading platforms or with the assistance of their expert brokers. 

And if you’re looking for more advanced investment options, Metrobank can even offer derivatives and structured products to address your unique hedging and investment objectives.

Insurance has become an essential part of most advanced investors’ portfolios, whether stand-alone or investment-linked. Metrobank’s subsidiary, AXA Philippines, has a range of options for your life, health, retirement and other needs tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

For the Established Investor

Established investors seeking assistance in managing their wealth can benefit from Metrobank’s Wealth Management services. This allows you to entrust your wealth to Metrobank’s financial experts, who will strategically manage your hard-earned money—from growing your assets through investments, to distributing your wealth to your loved ones.

Wealth Management services are customized to individual needs, providing you with a dedicated Portfolio Officer, regular market updates, and timely investment advice and reporting.

Wealth Management clients can avail of the following services: 

  • Investment Management Account, which provides access to various investments through a tailored portfolio managed by Metrobank;
  • Personal Management Trust, where Metrobank guides you in establishing the best fund setup for your loved ones, to be managed and distributed according to your instructions;
  • Life Insurance Trust, which aids policy owners in managing the distribution of life insurance payout to their loved ones in case something to them.

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or seasoned investor, Metrobank caters to your investment needs through its extensive products and services.

Equipping All Types of Investors with an Online Platform and Holistic Wealth Creation Advice

Metrobank’s expertise in providing a wide range of investment services for all Filipinos, combined with its leadership and strong track record for success, puts it in the perfect position to guide Filipinos on their investment journey. This is why Metrobank is making reliable investment advice available for all types of Filipino investors through an online platform called Wealth Insights—the first of its kind in the Philippines.

With Wealth Insights, Metrobank is able to assist investors in making informed decisions about their investments  by providing timely market updates; commentary on the latest economic issues; economic forecasts; explainers on key economic and financial concepts; and comprehensive advice from the Bank’s financial markets experts.

“Our commitment to our clients does not stop at managing their investments,” said Metrobank. “We want to equip them with the right knowledge and tools to make smart investment decisions that is why we have a team of experts dedicated to growing and managing our clients’ wealth. This is in line with our promise to ensure our clients are in good hands.”      

These services further underscore the bank’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of all types of investors – from novice to established, as well as in aiding in wealth creation. With Metrobank, you can rest assured that your wealth is in good hands.

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*Rate may change without prior notice