GCash Unveils New Features That Help Filipinos with Wealth-Building

As an ultimate finance superapp, GCash introduces new investment tools that provide its users with an avenue for financial growth and wealth-building.

According to statistics, about 63% of Filipinos don’t have savings, while only 10% of Filipino adults have at least one type of investment. Financially, this can prove problematic, given that everyone needs to have a savings net—a fallback of sorts—in the event of unforeseen emergencies, for planning for one’s retirement, and even for financial stability down the road.

Noting this pain point, finance superapp GCash introduced new services that give opportunities to 81 million users with e-wallets. More than being an e-wallet, the finance app continuously commits to empowering its users beyond allowing people to send money and make cashless payments.

How? By helping Filipinos build their wealth. 

What are GStocks PH and GFunds?

To help Filipinos achieve financial stability, GCash introduces two new features that account holders can use: GStocks PH and GFunds.

GStocks is an intuitive investment marketplace under GInvest. This feature allows users to access stocks of over 280 local companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). This is in partnership with AB Capital Securities Inc., which acts as the app’s partner broker. Through this feature, investors can check Stock Picks—a guide for choosing the right stocks. 

Meanwhile, GFunds, which was originally launched in 2018 under GInvest, provides people with a user-friendly platform to buy, sell, and manage investments. Investments here are managed by two of the biggest fund houses in the country—ATR Asset Management (ATRAM) and BPI Wealth.

How to Invest With GStocks and GFunds

Users can access GCash’s new features by clicking the GInvest icon on their GCash app. Through GFunds, users will be presented with diverse investment options that range from local to global funds. After choosing their preferred option, users can start investing with as little as PHP50—proving how they can find something that resonates with their financial means. 

Meanwhile, it is by clicking GStocks PH that users can invest in local companies. There is no minimum top-up amount with this option, but users can start with this for at least PHP1000. 

Through these features, users can start their investment journey—thus earning passive income that can pave the way for financial freedom. All they have to do is regularly monitor the progress of their investments through the Gcash app while making informed decisions on where to put their money. 

Key Takeaways

Apps like these help introduce users to the concept of investing—minus the complexities that come with it. Regardless of what asset they want to put their money in, investing and building up their savings can be easier for users.

What’s more, this helps them grow accustomed to the ins and outs of investing, as anyone can easily get started—and in an amount that is not too steep or large for them, too!