Metro Pacific’s IdeaSpace Names 6 PH Startups in Its Accelerator Program

IdeaSpace showcases six of the Philippines’ most promising startups in its demo day for Cohort 11 of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program.

In a salute to innovation and entrepreneurship, IdeaSpace, a startup enabler behind IdeaSpace Investments and QBO Innovation Hub, recently held its demo day for Cohort 11 of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program. During the event it highlighted six startups to offer a stage for forward-thinking techpreneurs to present their ventures and showcase their trajectory towards achieving growth. 

IdeaSpace, which is backed by Manny Pangilinan, PLDT and the Metro Pacific group of companies, held the event together with investors, partners, and prominent figures in the ecosystem. Welcoming the community was Jay Fajardo, the newly appointed Executive Director of IdeaSpace, one of the trailblazers in the Philippine startup landscape.

The six startups that pitched during the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program were:

1. Hey Roomie

Hey Roomie is a community engagement app that allows groups to connect and monetize their interests and passions online, whether the group is made up of students, hobbyists, professionals, or content creators.

2. ITOOH Homestyle

ITOOH Homestyle is a godsend for designers, contractors, or anyone working with interior spaces. It is a digital platform that aggregates the finest local furniture and art, bringing the best of Philippine design to the world.

3. kazam 

Seeking to provide a better way for kasambahays and homeowners to find each other, kazam is a platform that connects the two groups digitally, without the need for an agency. 

4. Kintab 

Kintab is a mobile car care platform designed to cater to car owners with packed schedules, with car detailing conveniently coming to your own home garage.

5. Kippap Learning Corporation 

Kippap Learning Corporation is an education tech startup whose focus is on helping students and professionals to prepare for board exams.

6. Molinos de la Especia

Molinos de la Especia is an online market for spices which aims to bring premium spices to the world.

During the event each startup shared their entrepreneurial journeys and their bold visions for the future. And throughout the 5-month IdeaSpace Accelerator Program, the startups were given the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into best practices from seasoned mentors in the startup ecosystem.

“Our latest cohort demonstrates the spirit of innovation and creativity that define the Philippine startup landscape,”  said Butch Meily, President of IdeaSpace. “Through our Accelerator Program, we’ve not only provided them with the tools and guidance to thrive but also built a community where fresh ideas flourish.”

Jay Fajardo, IdeaSpace’s new Executive Director, summarized what the Accelerator Program hopes to achieve, saying, “Cohort 11 represents an emerging breed of robust startups focused on practical fundamentals and sound unit economics. The founders have placed great emphasis on generating sustainable revenues and maintaining profitability while delivering tech-enabled innovation. This trend is particularly common with resilient startups during economic downturns in the past and is typical of the winners when economic cycles resume their upward trend. We’re glad to have played a role in strengthening Cohort 11’s best practices, business models, and value proposition—increasing their chances for success.”