These PH Startups are Part of the TOP100 Growth Program 2024

The TOP100 Growth Program 2024 provides startups access to funding opportunities, mentorship, and regional visibility in Southeast Asia. 

Funding and visibility are crucial aspects in the growth of a startup that are often a challenge for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their company. In fact, lack of funding can put a startup out of business or become a hindrance to achieving scale. Fortunately, startup companies have many options that they can explore in order to acquire funding. One of these options is by taking part in programs such as the TOP100 Growth Program. 

The TOP100 Growth Program is described as “a curated startup growth program that gives Southeast Asia startup companies regional visibility, funding opportunities, mentorship, and access to business matching programs.” 

This year, nine startups from the Philippines successfully became part of the TOP100 Growth Program.

9 Philippine Startup Companies in the TOP100 Growth Program 2024


First on the list is Britana, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company focused on building business applications for small and medium businesses. It offers a cloud-based solution, Britana ERP, that allows a business to digitize its end-to-end operations, allowing for improved services for customers as well as better employee experience. 

EDGE Tutor

Those looking for comprehensive tutor support solutions at less costs should look up EDGE Tutor. Founded in 2022, EDGE Tutor previously operated under Today, it sources, screens, and trains qualified tutors and likewise offers an online tutoring service. 

Hey Roomie

Hey Roomie, an app launched in 2022, is the next startup on the list. The app serves communities such as fan clubs, school organizations, and online groups. Hey Roomie serves as an all-in app that allows users to communicate, make announcements, and even organize events. 


As a startup, MedCheck seeks “to unify the theory and practice of precision medicine” and help healthcare professionals make data-driven decisions. In order to achieve this, the company provides physicians with cloud-based software and partners with medical organizations, government offices, pharmaceuticals, and more in innovative programs that improve the healthcare ecosystem. 


Also part of the TOP100 Growth Program 2024 is Mylo, which offers a Speech Development System known as Mylo Speech Buddy. The Mylo Speech Buddy seeks to provide support for children with speech delays, particularly those in the autism spectrum. The startup works with Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and other medical professionals in order to cater to the needs of these children. 


Initially a pet accessories company, Pawnec was launched by a team who are pet parents first and technologists second. It has since focused on catering to the safety of pets through its products and rescue platform. Among the products the startup offers are the Smart ID Collar and the Smart ID Tag. 


One of the payment solutions available in the country, PayMongo allows businesses to accept all types of online payment options. Businesses can likewise use PayMongo to process, manage, and even reconcile transactions and transfer money to suppliers and employees. 

Shoppable Business

Procurement can be a difficult, time-consuming process for businesses, and this is a problem that Shoppable Business seeks to provide solutions to. A business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, Shoppable Business is a wholesaler and retailer of branded products whose supply is said to be the largest in Southeast Asia. 


Capping off the list is none other than Twala, an app that essentially allows businesses and their customers to conveniently sign legal documents online. The app is available both on desktop and mobile and can likewise be used to issue digital credentials such as certificate of employment and diploma that cannot be tampered with.