LOOK: This Year’s Mega Ball is a Gathering of the Country’s Top Business Leaders

Taking inspiration from fashion and art, Mega Magazine hosts its annual Mega Balla coming-together of fashion personalities, artists, influencers, and the country’s top business leaders.

Since 2010, Mega Magazine has hosted the prestigious Mega Ball. This glamorous night gathered the country’s popular personalities—from celebrities to artists, up-and-coming personalities, fashion icons, designers, and more. As a prestigious event that housed many key personalities and icons all throughout these years, Mega Ball has become synonymous with being a celebration of fashion and class.

As tradition holds, this year’s Mega Ball will be taking place on June 12, 2023. The thoughtfully-crafted night to remember, as the event takes place on the very same day as the country’s Independence Day—a day of freedom and Filipino pride.

“The objective of the ball is to celebrate Independence Day through an event that honors Filipino talent and ingenuity,” explains Peewee Reyes Isidro, the Editor-in-Chief of Mega Magazine. “Whether it be the Pinoy Pride awardees, global Pinoy, or New PH awardees—the event puts the spotlight on individuals who are making their marks in their specific industries, as well as honors game changers, disruptors, achievers in the local front as well as in the global arena.”

Mega Ball 2023: A Celebration of Filipino Artists and Designers

Mega Ball has been a 13-year-long affair, though the pandemic meant a pause on the festivities last 2020 and 2021. However, now back and better than ever, this year’s Mega Ball honors Filipino talent and ingenuity—not just in fashion, but art, too.

Set to take place on the Manila Peninsula, this five-star hotel is filled with heritage and history—making it the perfect backdrop for this wondrous celebration of “Fashion and Art”. Inspired by how the two concepts have, in Isidro’s words, “always been connected and [how] they influence each other,” the event is meant to celebrate ingenuity, craftsmanship, and creativity in both those industries.

“Despite the relentless and seemingly insurmountable challenges that Filipino creativity has faced over the years, it continues to grow,” notes Isidro in her Editor’s note of Mega Magazine’s June issue. “In recent years, I dare say it’s even begun to flourish, thanks to mediums and platforms that the internet has afforded us.”

“This could all be tied to our search for identity, of what it means to be Filipino,” she continues.

How the Mega Ball Works as a Social Business Gathering

While art collectors, gallerists, curators, artists, society members, politicians, fashion designers, models, and celebrities are expected to grace the event, key business personalities will also be making their respective appearances. After all, pomp and glamor aside, Mega Ball is also recognized as a social event for businessmen and women.

How so? Businesspeople connect with one another through their networks and mutual connections, but rarely are they given the chance to meet with artists and personalities.

This is where Mega Ball comes in. As a perfect avenue for both business and pleasure, given that it is a night of fashion and culture, Mega Ball brings together the best minds in the country. From familiarizing themselves with key members of the fashion and art industry to growing their network through Mega Ball, collaborations and partnerships may spark anew, and in turn, strengthen their respective businesses.

But more importantly, Mega Ball is a celebration of the talent of Filipino artists, which gives businessmen a chance to recognize local artists and be in awe of what will be shown at the exhibit. 

What to Expect at the Mega Ball 2023

Many key personalities have confirmed their attendance for this year’s celebration. Among them include fashion designers, art collectors, skin experts, architects, restaurant owners, and many other business figures from various industries.

Aside from a night of fine dining, socializing, and attendees donning eye-catching and fashionable attire, the Mega Ball seeks to pay homage to the arts. “The Mega Ball will have an exhibit with chosen master artists, and then the main event held at the Rigodon Ballroom,” Isidro explains. “Then, [an] afterparty at Salon de Ning.”

“It was important for us to find a venue that will be able to house all these factors that we want to incorporate at the event [and] Manila Pen as one the landmark venues in Manila because of its history and heritage [was perfect],” she adds.

As the event draws near, what can everyone expect from this year’s Mega Ball? “Expect to see a unique marriage of art and fashion through the artistry of Filipino designers,” Mega’s Editor-in-Chief ends.