MEGA Magazine celebrates 30 years in the industry by debuting 3 iconic cover stars in their upcoming anniversary issue.

When we think of fashion and lifestyle, the first publication that comes to mind is none other than MEGA Magazine. A powerhouse that was founded in 1992 by Sari Yap, MEGA has become a go-to for fashion trends, news, and updates.

And by consistently adapting to the changes in times, elevating local talents, and challenging the status quo, it’s no surprise that MEGA is going strong at 30 years as the Philippines’ best fashion magazine. 

Celebrating 30 Years in the Industry

Synonymous with high fashion and style, MEGA is at the forefront of not just celebrity news and what is trending. In fact, it has broadened its spectrum to elevate and promote local talent, and celebrate the best of what the country has to offer—all while keeping the public informed about relevant social issues.

Stronger and more powerful than ever, the country’s pioneering fashion and lifestyle publication, MEGA Magazine, will be highlighting its cycle of life, reinvention, the chance to start over, and the revitalization of the world we live in through a special print and digital issue. But more than that, this brand will be featuring 3 iconic stars in this anniversary special.

But there’s more. With the goal of giving back to the community—while unifying and uplifting the Filipino spirit— MEGA will be donating 100% of its print sales to victims of Typhoon Odette. Fired up with the Filipino spirit of malasakit and kindness, MEGA intends to encourage its readers and remind them that together, we all can heed, help, and heal as one nation.

Heal. Help. Heed.

In this trifecta of iconic covers, MEGA sets its sights to heal, help, and heed, especially in these trying times of need.

  • A Cause to Heal: Amid the throes of the ongoing pandemic, MEGA calls on everyone to do their part to help. Internally, it begins its cause by healing and prioritizing everyone’s health and well-being.
  • A Cause to Help: Responding to Mother Nature’s cry for help, MEGA understands the need to take part in restoring, rehabilitating, and preventing future calamities from happening. In line with rebuilding communities that have been affected by the recent typhoon, MEGA calls for everyone to help and do their part.
  • A Cause to Heed: Spearheading the Philippines to a brighter and better tomorrow, MEGA wants to guide everyone with love, integrity, and compassion. Armed with the goal of building a better future for the next generation, MEGA sets its sights on the upcoming 2022 elections—a crucial step that can change history for the next generation.

Strong, Powerful, and Iconic

While little is still known about who these iconic figures will be, we do know that the cover stars will be—strong and empowered women of all ages. A source of inspiration for MEGA and its readers, these icons are tailor-fit for their roles as the brave face of their 3 causes.

The official cover releases will be revealed on February 4 on MEGA Magazine’s social media accounts and website, setting the tone for its month-long 30th-anniversary celebration. Congratulations and happy birthday, MEGA!


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