A Life Well-lived: Remembering Sari Yap and her Legacy

Three years after her passing, we look back at One Mega Group Founder Sari Yap's vibrant life and the many lives she's touched.

A visionary and a pioneer, One Mega Group (OMG) founder Sari Yap always had high hopes and big dreams. In fact, her Instagram bio encapsulates this so well, saying "Reality can be grander than our dreams! Inside us is [a] greatness and light, just waiting to shine through!" This desire for something big... something grand soon paved the way for the country's first-ever fashion glossy: MEGA Magazine.

Fast forward to many years after. More titles have joined the roster: high society brand Lifestyle Asia, architecture and design brand BluPrint, parenting title Modern Parenting, and of course, fashion mogul MEGA—where it all began. But even so, Yap had bigger plans in mind—one set on the digital mainframe this time.

Thus the advent of OneMega.com—a website that promised a coming together of great minds and industry experts. "Sari was one of the visionaries for OneMega.com," shares editor-in-chief Marga Tupaz. "She wanted to get a group of experts under one roof providing content firsthand."

A name and face that has made a big impact in the media and publishing industry, Sari Yap and her legacy will forever live on, even 3 years after her passing. As we celebrate her birthday, we look at what some of the industry's biggest and brightest have to say about her.