Onward and Upward: Luxe Skin CEO Anna Magkawas on Creating Business Opportunities

In the recent The Business Manual CEO Awards, Luxe Skin CEO Anna Magkawas joins a community of dynamic industry leaders to create a supportive network that shapes the country’s growing economy.

The Philippines is one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia and Pacific region, where recent data shows the country’s economic robust expansion of a 5.9% gross domestic product (GDP) year over year. With a strong and vibrant market, the nation’s competitive business landscape, predominantly comprising Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at 99.59% and large enterprises at 0.41%, as reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2022, reinforces this growth momentum. 

At the helm of these enterprises stand visionary leaders whose ideas foster innovation, resulting in remarkable contributions that help develop the country’s economy. To celebrate prosperity within the business community, The Business Manual dedicates the CEO Awards 2024, held last January 28 at Bonifacio Hall, The Fort, Shangri-La, to exceptional leaders. 

Supporting this momentous event is the CEO and Founder of the multi-million peso brand Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group and The Business Manual Start-Up cover figure, Anna Magkawas. 

Anna Magkawas and Her Beauty Empire

Anna has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From selling luxury goods online to creating her own beauty and wellness brand, she took every opportunity she had and made it accessible through different social media and e-commerce platforms. 

“We also took advantage of the technology to get insights about our industry and the consumer. [This is] to help us personalize our products and enhance customer engagement,” she imparts. 

Anna Magkawas
Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group CEO Anna Magkawas. Photo courtesy of Kieran Punay of KLIQ Inc.

Now, Anna is on track to be a leading figure in the world of skin and wellness with three successful brands: Luxe Skin for skincare essentials, Luxe Slim for a healthier and more active lifestyle, and Luxe Cosmetics for personal beauty care products. By understanding her market, she’s established a brand identity that effectively resonates with a broader audience.

However, as market industry trends shift and change, Anna knows she has to be competent, proficient, and insightful. For starters, she needs to constantly acquire new information to keep up with recent developments in market evolutions. As one of the event partners of The Business Manual CEO Awards 2024, she believes in a community of dynamic industry leaders that imbibe new ideas and valuable inputs to the changing business landscape. 

Bringing Fresh Perspectives

When diverse leaders connect, this effect is amplified, especially if the forum or discussion welcomes an open dialogue and candid feedback. “I still have a lot to learn in this industry,” Anna admits, sharing that she’s only been in the industry for a little over two years, which is why being in the same room as these visionaries matters. 

Anna Magkawas with fellow business CEOs at CEO Awards 2024
Anna Magkawas with fellow business CEOs and luminaries for a night of blended learning and networking. Photo courtesy of Excel Panlaque of KLIQ Inc.

“Networking with fellow business leaders, such as tonight’s event [CEO Awards 2024], is crucial for staying informed about the industry shifts and collaboration,” she tells The Business Manual. “By being present in this event, we can build relationships with other CEOs [so we can] create opportunities for strategic partnerships.”

To Anna, the awards night was a social gathering of business-oriented individuals looking forward to inspiring greatness while leaving an indelible mark in their own respective ventures. 

“Witnessing the success of others fuels my passion for pushing boundaries and achieving even greater heights. It also reminds me of the impact we can have on people’s lives through our work and our products,” she notes. “This event creates a supportive network that leads to future growth and collaboration.”

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The role of a CEO is complex and demanding, but Anna’s ability to learn from peers allows her to be receptive on her learning path. While competition in the beauty market is strong, she’s formed a strategy around continuous innovation and adaptability.

“To stay ahead, we continued to be consumer-centric, adapting to the changing needs of our consumers,” she mentions, highlighting the need to stand out from the rest, but also understanding the importance of leveraging partnerships and building a loyal community around the brand.  

By also applying new insights to her business, Anna is able to refine strategies, enhance product development, and ensure that the company remains at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Above all, the CEO is most proud of her achievement to touch other people’s lives and make a difference. “What truly fuels my passion is witnessing other women blossom through financial independence. Knowing that Luxe Beauty and Wellness paved the way for them to become entrepreneurs, support their families, and build their futures.”

Discover more about Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group by visiting their website, Facebook, and Instagram. You may also visit Anna Magkawas’ pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest news and information.