Livestreaming the Dream: Building a Wellness Empire During the Pandemic, According to Jonah Sison-Ramos, CEO of Dear Face

Despite its debut during the pandemic, Dear Face hit the ground running—securing millions in revenue after just one live. CEO Jonah Sison-Ramos shares how.

As the jump-off point for entrepreneurs to reach a wide audience and grow their business, live selling has been the catalyst for many business success stories in this digital landscape. In fact, live selling—which joins the likes of digital transactions—contributes to PHP 2.08 trillion in 2022, or 9.4% of the country’s gross domestic product, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Through live selling, many online businesses have seen growth—not just in their sales, but also in their brand presence, following, reach, engagement, and customer base. A rare few, however, have seen monumental growth in the millions. Truly a case study of live selling success.

Take for example Dear Face, a beauty brand that once saw a PHP 16 million revenue after just one liveselling session. While known foremost for its skincare products, its fast-track ticket to success can be attributed to its flagship product: Beauty Milk—ready-to-drink collagen and glutathione-infused milk in a wide variety of flavors.

Leading the charge of this fast-growing brand is none other than Jonah Sison-Ramos. A registered nurse, multi-hyphenated entrepreneur, and a woman ahead of her time, Jonah saw an opportunity in an already-saturated beauty market to pioneer a new product that helped skyrocket her business to fame.

In an exclusive interview with The Business Manual, Jonah shares how it all began, her secret to earning millions after just one live selling session, and how she uses Dear Face to empower Filipinos to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Turning a Passion Project Into a Business

Before becoming the successful entrepreneur that she is today, Jonah's background includes being a registered hemodialysis nurse, a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company, and even an online casino dealer and even a seafarer at some point!

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