How Kimberly Ponce-Israel’s Fairy Skin Sparked a Skincare Revolution

Fairy Skin CEO Kimberly Ponce-Israel wearing a black long-sleeve dress at the CEO Awards 2024.

From a viral product to strategic marketing, Ponce-Israel’s range of sunscreen has challenged industry norms and reshaped Filipinos’ perception of skincare

In the age of TikTok, where social media and commerce seamlessly intertwine, Fairy Skin, under the leadership of CEO Kimberly Ponce-Israel, has achieved remarkable success. The startup has become an example of leveraging the platform’s potential, notably by educating Filipinos about skincare through their highly acclaimed Premium Brightening and Premium Tinted Sunscreen products.

At the CEO Awards 2024, Ponce-Israel shared with The Business Manual her mission to promote sunscreen importance within the Filipino consciousness and skincare industry. Coming from a recent feat of selling 200,000 pieces of their Premium Tinted Sunscreen in January of this year, the 30-year-old business owner reflected on how they explored creating a sun cream suitable for Filipino skin. 

She shares, “Initially, our journey was challenging as sunscreen’s significance was not widely understood. However, we gained traction by leveraging scientific innovation coupled with education about skin aging and UV damage.” Ponce-Israel also adds that although there were setbacks when they first released the first version of their flagship product, she acknowledges how TikTok content creators played a significant role in delivering Fairy Skin’s key message.”

Aside from its virality, the Filipino brand also challenges the notion that effective skincare has to be expensive. Recognizing the cost-conscious nature of Filipino consumers, Fairy Skin ensures affordability without compromising quality by bringing their production research and development to South Korea. Their sunscreen and skincare range undergo rigorous clinical tests and certifications, positioning the brand as a budget-friendly alternative to high-end products.

Fairy Skin CEO Kimberly Ponce-Israel wearing a black long-sleeve dress at the CEO Awards 2024.

“Our tagline speaks a lot in this case—’The Premium Skincare For All.’ We understand Filipino consumers who prioritize careful spending. We always aim to be budget-friendly with the intention that they can repurchase our roster of products anytime,” says Ponce-Israel.

Fairy Skin’s notable participation as a co-presenter at the inaugural CEO Awards solidifies the brand’s standing as a noteworthy beauty label in the country. With a strategic blend of social media marketing, an effective distribution strategy, and groundbreaking solutions, Fairy Skin not only reshapes the perception of sunscreen but also empowers consumers to prioritize their skin’s health and overall well-being.

For more information, visit Fairy Skin’s official website. Fairy Skin products are available on Shopee.