LIST: Companies in The Philippines’ Top 100 Startups, 2023 Edition

The Philippines’ Top 100 Startups in 2023 is a list that showcases the various sectors, entities, and high-potential startups that contribute to the growing startup ecosystem.

According to Statista, the startup ecosystem in the Philippines has rapidly expanded in recent years. In fact, as of October 2021, there were 700 startups from only 237 in 2017—thus contributing to an estimated total value of $2 billion (around PHP 112 billion). As of 2022, the Philippines has produced three “unicorns”, or startups with a valuation of over $1 billion.

Given these numbers, the potential of the Philippine startup scene is so promising that initiatives have been formed to gather local startup communities together and give them the recognition they deserve.

Philippine Startup Week—the country’s large-scale initiative—released the Philippines’ Top 100 startups in 2023. According to the platform, the goal is to showcase the various sectors, entities, and high-potential startups that contribute to the growing industry ecosystem.

Moreover, the Philippine Startup Week 2023 aims to engage startup founders, investors, corporates, academia, media, and government agencies to promote collaboration and innovation, as well as to provide support to further grow the Philippine startup ecosystem.

Leading Startups in The Philippines’ Top 100 Startups in 2023

The list is divided into different categories, encompassing a wide range of industries. Agriculture startups top the list, followed by the following in order:

Representing the agricultural industry, Agro-DigitalPH made it to the top with $300,000 in total funding (almost PHP 17 million), 36,000 registered farmers, and more than 38 operating locations across the country. This startup is raising farmers’ incomes through end-to-end sustainable value chain solutions.

As for the AI sector, Betterteem made it to the list with $400,000 in total funding (over PHP 22 million). This company helps businesses address the underlying causes of unwanted resignation within organizations.

On the other hand, automotive startup Kintab—a mobile car solution designed for car owners who value time and convenience—made it to the list with $90,000 in total funding (over PHP 5 million). 

Stanible, a blockchain and cryptocurrency startup that allows creators to create NFTs in a few clicks without getting into crypto, is included as well.

Likewise, startups such as Aqwire (finance), Automart (retail and e-commerce), Bambuhay (climate and sustainability), Bossjob (human resource), Britannia (enterprise solutions), Cocotl (food and hospitality), Doon (transport and shared mobility), Dormy (real estate), Edge Tutor (education), Fitscovery (health and fitness), Forent (travel and tourism), Gamer Points (entertainment), Hey Roomie (creator economy), Kargax (logistics), Medcheck (life sciences), Mochi (saas), Packetwork (internet), Revastaff (construction), Solx (energy), and Toki (social commerce) are among those included in the Top 100 list.

The Future of Startups

The Philippines’ startup ecosystem has undergone a remarkable surge, with a dramatic rise from the year 2017. This growth has prompted initiatives like the Philippine Startup Week (PHSW) to foster collaboration, innovation, and support within the burgeoning startup community.

The landscape of the top 100 startups in 2023 reflects a diverse array of sectors, ranging from agriculture and artificial intelligence to automotive, blockchain, and climate sustainability. Each category showcases pioneering startups that epitomize innovation and impact, exemplifying how they address specific industry needs.

The success stories of these startups signify not only their individual prowess but also the depth and dynamism of the Philippine startup ecosystem. Their contributions, marked by unique value propositions and operational excellence, underscore a collective commitment to innovation and societal impact across varied sectors, positioning the Philippines as a thriving hub for entrepreneurial ventures.