Maya is a staple brand among Filipinos, but even to this day, it has remained relevant in the hearts and palates of many. How? CEO Ernesto Fajardo tells all.

Maya products are an integral part of Filipino food culture. And this year, the Maya brand celebrates its 60th anniversary. But how did this beloved food label come to be? How was it able to survive the pandemic? And, most importantly, what does it take to make a business profitable and stable for decades, just like Maya?

For all these and more, company CEO Ernesto Fajardo shares Maya’s early beginnings, its evolution, and his pragmatic vision on how to keep the brand strong in a challenging economy.

A Deliciously Rich History

Liberty Commodities Corporation (LCC) is the marketing firm of Liberty Group Companies (LGC), which has stakes in different enterprises—including flour milling (Liberty Flour Mills or LFM for short), animal feed production, chemicals, food service, and real estate. LCC was organized in June of 1965 as Wheat Products, Inc. before changing its legal entity name during its second year of operations.

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