Girl Boss Ann Murphy on Turning What You Love Into a Business

In this exclusive interview, we get inside the creative mind of Ann Murphy as she takes us through the inspiration and motivation behind her many businesses.

Ann Murphy is a business maverick who wears many hats and runs just as many businesses. But according to the business maverick herself, being business-minded is almost second nature to her, as she has always had that mindset since her early years.

“I guess I was already business-minded at a young age,” began Ann Murphy. “Since grade school, I would sell candy outside the house for extra pocket money for school.” She has since gone on to add a variety of things to her repertoire—selling everything from automobiles and properties to beauty products and clothing.

As time went on, she decided to narrow in on what she genuinely wanted. “Through my personal study and research, putting up a business based on what one loves to do—paired with the passion to design, allows me to always be inspired to create, share, and grow in all my chosen businesses.”

From Humble Beginnings

“I’d like to believe nothing is impossible, if one is willing to put up with the required learnings, equipped with hard work, everything is possible.”

– Ann Murphy

Family has always been Ann’s inspiration. “I did not come from an affluent family. Growing up, my mother has always been my role model,” she reveals. “[She was] a very hard-working, fashionable, and kindhearted person–she was the epitome of an empowered woman.”

She goes on to add that her mother’s love, guidance, and support got Ann through challenges. “It inspired me to strive to become better, to be inspired and believe in myself that I can always stand up, no matter how hard I stumble. [By] entrusting everything to God, with an unquestionable faith, and a strong belief in good intentions, I will always be supported, guided, and protected.”

Likewise, it was because of her life experiences that Ann’s many ventures are all dedicated to the pursuit of supporting the family. “To be able to support me and my sons and provide not only for my family but also for the community and employees who will be working under the ASM corporation.”

Ann Murphy Entrepreneur
From passion to profit—Ann Murphy takes on many roles as a multi-hyphenated entrepreneur.

Ann Murphy and Her Many Hats

Ann’s resume runs long. She’s currently the CEO of imported furniture brand All About Home, clothing brands Ann Murphy Clothing, Sleep by Ann Murphy, and Pawscraze by Ann Murphy. What’s more, she’s the owner of Spade Empire Events and a producer for Dark Carnival Productions.

And each brand has a story behind why she wanted to run it.

All About Home

Having worked for a construction firm for six years as well as an interior design company shortly after, Ann pursued interior design and got her degree from the Philippine School of Interior Design in 2007. “I started All About Home in 2020 when I was building my new home for me and my sons,” she shares.

In the process of filling her new home, she realized that her vision for her home did not fit what was available in the market. The solution? “I decided to source furniture abroad. All About Home was born from my passion for building, curating, and interior designing.”

Ann Murphy Clothing

Her clothing brands, on the other hand, stem from a love of fashion at a very young age. “I admire how my mom is always so well-dressed. I believe she was a huge influence,” she says fondly.

From there, Ann noticed how chosen pieces end up looking like worn art pieces. This drove her to launch Ann Murphy Clothing, which houses imported quality clothing—handpicked by Ann herself. “I would only sell clothes I would wear myself.”

Sleep by Ann Murphy

Sleep by Ann Murphy was soon launched, following the birth of her youngest son in 2016. Fueled once again by the lack of options she found in the local market, she turned to fabrics—sourced from South Korea—and employed the talent of a seamstress with experience in working with beddings.

“I designed all of Spade’s beddings and posted it on my social media accounts,” Ann explains. “I had a lot of inquiries asking where I got them and I eventually realized that I could turn it into a business.”

Pawscraze by Ann Murphy

During the pandemic, her family gained a few extra sets of paws. “I originally only had one dog. Now I have five,” Ann laughs.

She then decided to start Pawscraze by Ann Murphy with her sister. “There was a growth in the market of adopting or getting pets to support the challenges we were facing during the pandemic,” she reveals. “We then decided to open an animal clothing line with high-quality fabric at an affordable price.”

Dark Carnival Productions

Ann’s love of music influenced her roles at Spade Empire Events and Dark Carnival Productions. “For the love of music, watching concerts of talented artists, and dancing, Spade Empire Events was conceived. I always dreamed of owning an events company to be able to share my love for music and at the same time make a business out of something I love doing.”

Her role as a producer, meanwhile, allowed her to produce songs and music videos.

On Creative, Innovative, and Sustainable Products

Ann dreams of her brands becoming industry leaders and household names someday. With a core philosophy of offering innovative, high-quality products and services, she believes that, in her words, “It pushes us to continue offering the greatest items for the money, along with the best service in the business from conception to delivery.”

What’s more, she envisions herself creating products that are sustainably designed for the well-being of the modern market. This includes providing one-stop product solutions—from concept to completion. “All products we provide in the market are imported products [that] I would use,” she explains. “[They’re] personally handpicked, ensuring high quality and [that the] value of the products are worth the money our clients will pay for.”

Ann Murphy Entrepreneur
The goal is to offer innovative, high-quality products and services. And that includes selling products that Ann Murphy personally curates and would use.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Ann wants to handle every business with a positive attitude and enthusiasm, even five years from now. “Financial assistance to family members is also one of my goals,” she shares.

Short-term, she wants to make sure that her businesses are sustainable enough to meet her customer’s requirements and service and product expectations. “Another goal is to work hard and build a strong clientele for the company.”

“In addition, I intend to increase average clients by 15% per year until I achieve superior performance,” she adds. “Furthermore, my company will continue to provide high-quality services with excellent customer service.”

On the other hand, her longer-term plan is to expand the business by opening showrooms and boutiques in five locations within the next five years. “I should be able to maintain and increase the market share of the products and services in all of my business locations. The company will be a major source of employment opportunities for skilled qualified personnel in this field.”

On Having a Good Work-Life Balance

Despite her full plate, Ann is well aware of needing to check in with herself. “I regularly practice pauses for every project, allowing myself to denormalize and relax, as well as recalibrate. I also pay close attention to my emotions by increasing my awareness of any situation.

“Emotional reflexivity, or the capacity to recognize how a situation is making me feel, is just as important as a rational understanding of the decisions and priorities that drive my life,” Ann opines.

Taking in the full picture is just as vital for Ann. “To determine the changes I want to make in my work and life, I must be aware of my emotional state. I intentionally reprioritize how I spend my time in alignment with my true priorities. The more I learn about what really matters in life—which is not work—the more I learn about the relative importance of work and spending time with those I hold most dear: my family and loved ones.”

The Importance of Having Faith

Putting faith above all else also helps her pull through any and all circumstances. And that includes “total surrender to God, knowing I am always protected and guided in everything in my life.”

“I am a firm believer [that] if a plan doesn’t materialize, I consider this a redirection and protection from God,” she shares. “Although human as I am, I allow myself to process the emotions that come with the challenges being presented to me. I [also] allow myself to rest and reflect on the learnings gifted by those challenges.”

Her faith and resilience have allowed her to venture into unknown territory without fear. “Never be afraid to fail and always carry a resilient mindset in learning and striving to be a better person for yourself first. Continuously and consistently develop grit by clarifying your goals, discovering your interests, and knowing your purpose,” she advises.

Ann Murphy Entrepreneur
Ann Murphy: God-fearing, go-getter, and a boss lady in her own right.

Wise Words of Advice

When asked about her life motto, she cites a passage from Dr. Seuss:

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So Love the people who treat you right,

forgive the ones who don’t,

and believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get the chance, Take it!

If it changes your life, Let it!

Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it!

– Dr. Seuss

“These are the words I hold close to my heart,” she says fondly. “Through the challenges and blessings of life, everything I endured was well worth it. And as I continue to strive, learn, create, build and hold steadfast my faith in God, I firmly believe, as we all go through life, if the seed of good intent is planted, the universe will conspire, for the seed of good action to bring about good people in your life.

“Nobody indeed said it would be easy, but here I am—the proof [that] it was indeed worth it.”