In this exclusive interview, we get inside the creative mind of Ann Murphy as she takes us through the inspiration and motivation behind her many businesses.

Ann Murphy is a business maverick who wears many hats and runs just as many businesses. But according to the business maverick herself, being business-minded is almost second nature to her, as she has always had that mindset since her early years.

“I guess I was already business-minded at a young age,” began Ann Murphy. “Since grade school, I would sell candy outside the house for extra pocket money for school.” She has since gone on to add a variety of things to her repertoire—selling everything from automobiles and properties to beauty products and clothing.

As time went on, she decided to narrow in on what she genuinely wanted. “Through my personal study and research, putting up a business based on what one loves to do—paired with the passion to design, allows me to always be inspired to create, share, and grow in all my chosen businesses.”

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