Road to Financial Security and Lifestyle Wellness: Why Business Owners Need This All-New Debit Platinum Card

Beyond a means of payment, the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard card aims to elevate the customer experience with a lifestyle full of perks and privileges.

Starting a business is no easy feat, as growing competition and mounting costs threaten the longevity of a business. In fact, data from the local Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the survival rate of businesses—particularly in the private sector—is threatened the longer the business remains in operation. Even on an international scale, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics notes that only 25% of new businesses stay for over 15 years!

But even so, some businesses have defied the statistic—growing into conglomerates and well-loved legacy brands that have stood the test of time. The secret? Paving the way for the next generation of business owners through succession planning and business continuity.

“Succession planning strengthens the overall capability of the organization by identifying critical positions and highlighting potential vacancies, selecting key competencies and skills necessary for business continuity, and focusing development of individuals to meet future business needs,” the University of Washington explains. “Taking a holistic view of current and future goals, this type of preparation ensures that you have the right people in the right jobs today and in the years to come.”

More than long-term planning, businesses also need the right tools to help them achieve longevity. Enter Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)—one of the largest privately owned universal banks in the country that is trusted by millions of Filipinos—and its newest exclusive card: the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card.

Set at the Manila Polo Club last October 4, RCBC hosted a Wealth Clients’ Night where they introduced the RCBC Wealth Debit Platinum Mastercard. From L to R: RCBC Trust and Investments head Dr. Robert B. Ramos; RCBC Wealth Management head Jane N. Manago; RCBC Chairperson Helen Yuchengco Dee; RCBC President and CEO Eugene Acevedo; RCBC Head of Global Transaction Banking Group Emmanuel “Manny” T. Narciso; RCBC Senior Consultant Horacio E. Cebrero. Photo by Kim Santos, KLIQ, Inc.

Competitive Advantage of RCBC

As the 5th largest privately-owned universal bank in the Philippines, RCBC has been committed to providing the best customer experience, award-winning digital banking services, and pioneering innovations for over 60 years.

While the bank offers a wide range of banking and financial products and services for customers of all walks of life, it has diversified its services for a long-term goal: building a legacy.

Personalized Services

RCBC Wealth is in the business of building and nurturing relationships with its clients through personalized services from the bank’s relationship managers. From showing support in every business milestone to giving sound financial advice and more, these relationship managers provide exemplary services to business owners and clients.

Bespoke Products and Solutions

Just as no two businesses operate the same way, RCBC prides itself on providing custom financial advice and tailor-fit solutions that match its clients’ needs. These include investment opportunities—both here and abroad—as well as personalized investment portfolios or customized products that depend on the business owner’s goals.

Convenience and Accessibility to Funds

Given the volatile need to move finances around, business owners can easily manage, move, and access their money as needed—and RCBC makes it easy for them to do so. This includes not just digital access, but also the human aspect through their dedicated relationship manager.

The RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard: Made for Business Owners

The RCBC Wealth Debit Platinum Mastercard Card is the bank’s comprehensive approach to fund management and an essential tool that caters to unique needs and lifestyle preferences. With this fusion of financial convenience and prestige, clients are more empowered to enjoy the finer things in life, while securing the future for generations to come.

The RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard is made for two kinds of business owners, which include:

Cross-generational Old-money Families

As owners of established family businesses—legacy brands and well-loved names that have stood the test of time—these business owners are financially secure in terms of their wealth. With that, protection and continuity are their priority, as the goal is to pass on the business to the next generation, while also growing what they have.

The order in mind? The first generation builds the business, the second generation grows it, and the succeeding generations transform it.

Self-made New-money Executives

Up-and-coming business owners who have worked their way up to establishing their wealth, these self-made business owners have made their mark in their respective industries. How? By pioneering a new product or service, innovating and creating something better, or simply capitalizing on a need and turning it into an opportunity for fast growth.

With their name now out there, these business owners have paved the way for future generations by giving them a business that they too can grow.

RCBC caters to diverse business owners, whether old-money or new-money. In photo: The Business Manual Editor-in-Chief RJ Ledesma. Photo by Kim Santos, KLIQ, Inc.

Benefits of the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card

With that, here are useful features that business owners can expect from the new RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card:

Supporting Sustainability Through its Earth-friendly Card

Made with sustainability in mind, the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard card is an eco-friendly debit card in the Philippines. Made with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, this card is a step towards a greener life.

What’s more, each card issued leads to a donation to Conservation International. And given how many businesses have shifted to a more sustainable mindset, this card exemplifies its vision.

Exclusive Privileges

Given how cards have evolved into more than just a payment scheme, the debit card allows access to exclusive airport lounges, cruises, hotels, and resorts to provide global travel access and offers. This includes global access to a world-leading collection of 10,000 restaurants,, which business owners can benefit from during business trips.

Secure Everyday Value

Business owners can get up to 20% rebate from over 400 international offers—thus giving them more bang for their buck. What’s more, RCBC offers improved bank transaction limits and preferential rates to its cardholders, which makes banking more convenient and efficient for owners.

Enhanced Security

Prevalent issues like digital fraud threaten the finances of many people, including business owners. Thus, in a move to protect their hard-earned money and/or collective wealth, RCBC offers up to USD 200 e-commerce protection when cardholders use their RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard card to shop online.   

“At RCBC, we value the legacy that our clients have built with us over the years. Through this exclusive card with highly specialized features, we hope to elevate their experience with the lifestyle that goes beyond the ordinary—something that they truly deserve,” RCBC Wealth Management Group Head, Jane Manago ends.

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