Accessible Learning: Debuts New Tutoring Service for K-12 Students

EDGE Tutor is an on-demand tutoring service that was launched by in the hopes of making learning accessible and fun for students.

The pandemic reared a “lockdown generation”—especially among students—as most schools were (and still are) relegated to online classes. Even with these restrictions, the learning must go on. But how can students learn from the comfort of their homes? The answer is clear: remote learning or simply e-learning.

Enter—the largest educational technology (ed tech) startup in the Philippines. Established in 2015, this platform aims to provide quality education for all by empowering the Gen Z youth through quality learning experiences that lead to a fulfilling career and life—one ed tech product at a time.

What’s more, partnered with hundreds of partners—schools, corporations, and foundations—in order to better reach and engage with its student community and accompany them in their journey, from their education, all the way to their respective careers.

To date, the platform’s edtech products include EXPERIENCE—a curated educational content designed to equip learners with future skills, as well as EXPLORE, which is a comprehensive college and career guidance platform for schools, scholarships, online courses.

Joining the ranks is’s newest edtech product: EDGE Tutor. An on-demand K-12 tutoring service in English, Math, and Filipino, it caters to students in Kindergarten to Grade 10. And true to its e-learning nature, it is accessible on the web, desktop, and mobile.

EDGE Tutor by

A coming-together of great teachers and a world-class curriculum developed by experts—aligned with the Department of Education (DepEd) standards—EDGE Tutor is designed to be globally competitive in one easy-to-use platform.

“Edukasyon’s vision is to help ensure that every Filipino learner is empowered through the experience of quality education to be successful in life, one Edtech product at a time,” says Cecilia Calvo, the VP of Tutorial Operations at “EDGE Tutor allows parents and students access and enjoy a personalized quality learning experience that can aid in their outcome improvement, unlike any offline experience.”

Alluding to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Calvo adds, “The last two years have made a huge impact on the next generation of Filipinos. Because of the pandemic, the majority of Filipino students, and particularly hit badly are students ages 4 to 12 years old. Most out-learners have developed learning gaps through no fault of their own,”

“Most of them have missed mastering skills and knowledge they need to advance their Math and Literacy skills,” she laments. “If you can’t understand something, you will lose motivation to continue learning it and EDGE intends to prevent that—we are here to bring joy back in learning Math and English and bring the happiness that comes with confidence, success, and good grades.”

What to Expect from EDGE Tutor

Since its pilot run in May, EDGE Tutor has already taught thousands of fun and effective lessons. For first-time users, however, here’s what you can expect from the e-learning platform:

Book a Class Anytime From Any Device

Versatile and accessible is the key and EDGE Tutor makes it easy to get started on almost any device. In fact, you can even book a free 25-minute tutoring session on the subject of your choice via the EDGE Tutor website.

Once the free trial session is concluded, parents can choose between 4 to 10 sessions for PHP 999 and PHP 4,199 a month, respectively. What’s more, the student will get a free grade-level assessment and a personalized learning plan to achieve their goals.

Personalized and Evidence-based Learning

Led by expertly-trained tutors, the program starts with an academic diagnostic test to assess and pinpoint areas that need support. From there, a personalized plan is created—one that sets learning goals. Set to take place 5 times a week, with 25 to 50-minute sessions, flexible instruction is given in either one-to-one or small group settings.

All throughout the program, students are reassessed to monitor progress and growth, which allows for resetting goals and recalibrating plans if needed. Moreover, during each lesson, students and tutors interact live in a virtual classroom. Said classroom features integrated functions like a whiteboard, stopwatch, H5 animation, and the option to share a screen and answer tasks together.

Highly-qualified Teachers

What is a class without highly-qualified teachers? At EDGE Tutor, a team of tutors must first go through a rigorous selection process, with less than a 3% acceptance rate into in order to be fully accredited. That’s how you know they’re good.

Aside from credentials, tutors are also selected based on their personality, patience, and subject matter expertise. But that’s not all. EDGE Tutors also undergo 20 hours of monthly mandatory training, and even so, their lessons are regularly observed for feedback.

Empowering Filipino Learners

Now with a trifecta of services to offer—Explore, Experience, and now EDGE Tutor— continues to empower 8 million Filipino learners with its edtech products.

“EDGE Tutor completes our product offerings at Edukasyon,” explains Grace David, the CEO of “We started out with developing products and creating learning programs for our Gen Z learners. Now, through EDGE, we are able to make an impact on every generation of Filipino learners, from Gen Z to our new generation of young learners.”

“The pilot launch in May showed us that 99% of our parents are most interested in tutoring to supplement their child’s learning. Since then, we have held thousands of classes to constantly improve the quality of our teaching and make sure to deliver a learning experience like no other,” adds Henry Motte-Munoz, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at 


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You can book a free class through Interested brands and businesses can also partner with and EDGE Tutor at ​​ also operates the website and attracts more than 10 million web visits each year. For more information, visit