Celebrating Growth and Triumph: The Golden Grab Awards Honors its Valued Merchant-Partners

Grab Golden Awards 2023

The Golden Grab Awards—given by local superapp Grab Philippines—recognizes the service excellence and innovative business solutions of its highly esteemed merchant-partners.

With revenue in the Philippine food market amounting to $134.30 billion (around PHP 7.43 trillion) in 2023, and an expected compounded annual growth of 7.28% from 2023 to 2028, the food industry is a very viable business venture—even more so since it encompasses restaurants and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) like meat, seafood, vegetables, dairy, oils, sauces, confectionery, snacks, convenience store items, and more.

Given the enormous potential in this industry, there are just as many competitors and players in the field. This poses a challenge for both veteran and incoming business owners, since now, they have to consider factors like having a competitive advantage and a unique selling proposition that sets them apart, whether that means launching a new product, selling something in demand, or venturing into uncharted territory all together.

Joining hands with these business owners is none other than the leading superapp Grab Philippines. Known for its staunch support towards local businesses and establishments—including food and grocery MSMEs—the company equips its merchant-partners with the much-needed tools, features, and technology that help them reach a wider market and strengthen its brand presence.

This year, Grab Philippines honors its exemplary merchant-partners who have stood out through its annual Golden Grab Awards.

Set at New World Makati, Golden Grab Awards 2023 highlights merchant-partners who have uplifted lives and made a difference in the local landscape through exemplary service and good quality dishes. Photo by Ed Simon of KLIQ, Inc.

Golden Grab Awards: Honoring Industry Trailblazers

A tradition that began in 2021, the Golden Grab Awards is an annual awards night that celebrates deserving merchant-partners by bestowing prestigious Grab accolades that acknowledge distinct criteria like achieving the highest customer rating, upholding operational excellence, being customers’ top favorite, and more.

“As a superapp, our consumers, delivery-partners, and merchants all play a vital role in each other’s success, and we are determined to ensure that everyone relying on our platform can scale and thrive amidst the fast-changing economic situations,” says Anton Bautista, Grab Philippines’ Director for Deliveries. “Our Golden Grab Awards is a clear testament to that.”

Grab Philippines Senior Director for Deliveries Anton Bautista opens the evening with a speech that stresses the collaborative partnership that Grab Philippines endeavors to have with its merchant-partners. Photo by Ed Simon of KLIQ, Inc.

Noteworthy Accolades and Awards

Encompassing both GrabFood and GrabMart merchants, the Golden Grab Awards highlights the milestones and successes in different avenues. These include:


This category recognizes merchant-partners who exhibit good business practices.

  • Around the Clock: awarded to the most active and always-on merchants on the app.
    • Awardee: Classic Savory
  • On the Dot: awarded to the merchants with the most efficient wait time while still maintaining 5-star ratings and good feedback from customers.
    • Awardee: Chowking
  • Critically Acclaimed: awarded to the merchants who top the 5-star rating percentage with at least 1000 positive reviews on the app.
    • Awardee: Jollibee
  • GrabFood (Order Precision Hero): awarded to the top merchants on GrabFood with the least to no missing items and wrong orders
    • Awardee: 老北京青山店 Laobeijing and Potato Corner
  • GrabMart (Order Precision Hero): awarded to the top-performing merchants on GrabMart with the highest fill-out rate for their basket, while maintaining the lowest number of cancellations for out-of-stock and removed items.
    • Awardee: Wangmart
Merchant-partners from across the Philippines are included in the Golden Grab Awards, encompassing business owners from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Photo by Ed Simon of KLIQ, Inc.


This award exemplifies merchant-partners who have strengthened their respective brand presences through unique and eye-catching marketing campaigns and advertisements.

  • Creative Campaign of the Year: awarded to the merchants with marketing campaigns that are uniquely different and showcase the best use of the Grab platform.
    • Awardees: Burger King, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers
  • Ads Trendsetter: awarded to the merchants who show courage in experimenting and utilizing various GrabAds products and for having the most creative ad campaign.
    • Awardees: Coke, Kenny Rogers, Jollibee, McDonalds
  • Demand Mavericks: awarded to the merchants who proactively and effectively use promos to achieve various business objectives on the app.
    • Awardees: 99 Peso Sulit Chicken (BTG), Ka Tunying,  La Brent, Robinsons
  • Merchant of the Year: awarded to the best of the best merchant of 2023, who maximizes their partnership with Grab to its fullest potential, operating with the highest standards, utilizing various Grab technologies to build its brand, while being an icon of progress towards the nation.
    • Jollibee

Grab Philippines Senior Director for Deliveries Anton Bautista shares, “As we maintain a healthy marketplace, we continuously find and activate solutions that allow our merchant-partners to grow their business and engage with their consumers.”

“Golden Grab Awards is a testament to our collaborative partnership with our merchant-partners as they leverage the best of the Grab platform—from our consumer base, innovative products, and operational and marketing tools,” he ends.