At Growth Con PH, Babe Formula CEO Paula Hilario Talks About Her Steady and Intentional Success

Paula Hilario didn’t build Babe Formula’s brand ethos overnight. In fact, it was a slow but deliberate growth, with the goal to create a new niche for itself.

“I don’t want to limit Babe Formula by strictly sticking to its business manual,” said Paula Hilario, CEO of Babe Formula, a proudly Filipino brand known for its range of nourishing products in eye-catching pastel packaging.

As one of the sponsors of The Business Manual’s inaugural Growth Con PH, Hilario’s participation was driven by her desire to enhance her understanding beyond the confines of her own practices. This is why she expressed her eagerness to learn from diverse business models. How? By drawing insights from fellow CEOs in different fields.

“Babe Formula is not just my business venture. It also belongs to over 4,000 dedicated resellers associated with the brand,” she explained, recognizing the importance of seizing every opportunity.

Held at Ascott Bonifacio Global City in Taguig last June 29, Growth Con PH provided an interactive platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to broaden their landscape. The event also celebrated the significant contributions of small to medium enterprises in the Philippines by fostering a sense of community among attendees.

Babe Formula CEO Paula Hilario at the recently-concluded Growth Con PH. Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ, Inc.

Recognizing Potential

Initially, Hilario and her team of six individuals manually filled shampoo bottles. “Everything felt very D.I.Y.,” she recalled. “We were at home, pumping shampoo without having legal FDA papers at that time.”

She mentioned that they began their venture in November 2019—just before the pandemic hit. “I remember referring to Babe Formula as a baby project, thinking it would end once the pandemic was over,” she shared.

Surprisingly, the pandemic turned out to be a period of flourishing for the business. Like Hilario, mothers who had previously held corporate day jobs but were confined indoors due to the pandemic saw Babe Formula as an opportunity to generate income while staying at home.

Brand Ethos as an Anchor

“Despite Babe Formula’s rapid growth, I want to ensure that [the brand] doesn’t get swept away in the online chaos,” Hilario shared. To uphold this principle, the local haircare label has prioritized deliberate expansion—effectively establishing a unique position in the market.

During the early stages, when there were fewer local haircare brands, Hilario faced the challenge of competing against prominent commercial companies. Reflecting on this experience, she emphasized that her brand did not cater to the same target market as these companies. From the very beginning, her goal was for her customers to embrace and adopt Babe Formula’s approach, even if it required some time.

“I didn’t compromise on price just to compete with products that contain 30 percent sulfates,” Hilario asserted. “We have a completely different market in mind. As we grew, our brand ethos became even stronger. We have formulated our products to be free of salt, sulfates, parabens, and silicones.”

The local haircare brand has established a unique position in the market by catering to its own niche audience.

A Niche and Natural Approach

Furthermore, the founder elaborated on her concept of guilt-free hair products. Hilario explained, “When we talk about guilt-free [products], we usually refer to organic and transparent options. But it’s important to consider the impact on your hair as well.”

She detailed that their products do not only offer guilt-free qualities but also provide smoothening properties. An example includes Babe Formula’s Bonbon—a shampoo and conditioner duo that is beneficial for your hair and features a delightful bonbon candy fragrance. She also highlighted Whimsicle, a haircare set described as an instant hair detox in the shower.

Babe Formula products are guilt-free without compromising your strands.

Babe Formula crafts their products to suit all hair types so you can rock your inner babe all-day everyday. For more information, visit their website. For the latest updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.