This Social Media App Showcases Its Redefined Shopping Experience

TikTok Shop's recently held Pilipinas Summit 2024 aims to showcase how the app's e-commerce feature has redefined its shopping experience.

Over two million local businesses are currently availing of this social media app’s e-commerce service 

TikTok, through its e-commerce feature TikTok Shop, successfully held its Pilipinas Summit 2024 event. This event’s theme is “One-Stop Shop Empowering Sustainable Business Growth.” 

Over 700 brands, businesses, sellers, content creators, and partners were brought together during Pilipinas Summit 2024. The event aimed to illustrate TikTok Shop’s innovative platform.

“Over two million local businesses, the majority of whom are SMEs, are on TikTok Shop,” said Jonah Ople, Category Lead for Fashion, TikTok Shop. 

“Because TikTok Shop is able to connect businesses of all sizes with consumers and the wider TikTok community, we significantly enable these SMEs to create a holistic and seamless e-commerce experience and make real connections with new audiences, allowing them to reach a broader market,” he added. 

Empowering Local SMEs

Among the two million local businesses found on TikTok Shop is Josefina’s Homemade Food, which is by Abbie Ricohermoso. The business, which she named after her mother Josefina, initially began as a carinderia in Bicol. 

Today, Josefina’s Homemade Food goes far beyond Bicol as a nationwide business that offers bottled ready-to-eat ginataan products, including laing, ginataang santol, and Bicol Express. Despite the growth of the business, Josefina and her husband still make their products by hand, with the help of employees whom they have been able to support through the business. 

On TikTok Shop, their top product saw a significant 22% increase in sales. This underscores TikTok Shop’s capacity to empower local businesses. 

Event host Show Suzuki, TikTok Shop brand ambassador Ivana Alawi , and Category Lead for FMCG Niks Fojas

Other examples of businesses that flourished under TikTok Shop are Ivana Skin and AiBeauty, which are owned by TikTok Shop’s new brand ambassador, Ivana Alawi. 

According to Alawi, “Live selling on TikTok has helped me connect on a different level.”

“It’s not just about transactions; it’s about creating a community and directly interacting with people who support your brand,” she explained. “It’s much more interactive and personal. You’re not just selling; you’re engaging and building relationships.”

TikTok Shop 

Ever since its launch in 2022 as TikTok’s e-commerce feature, TikTok Shop has aimed to empower businesses in the Philippines. TikTok Shop aims to achieve this through implementing different solutions, such as Shop Tab, TikTok Shop Mall, and Super Brand Day. 

These efforts have been successful as evidenced by the 1.5x increase in livestream and short video views in comparison to the first quarter of 2023. This has contributed to the increase in the total value of goods (GMV) through Shop Tab by 9 times compared to the second quarter of last year.  

In addition, Super Brand Day experienced more than 250% increase in GMV in 2024 as compared to non-Super Brand Days. TikTok Shop Mall likewise experienced an increase of more than 120% in onboarded sellers as compared to November 2023. 

Different categories on TikTok sShop also experienced significant growth in their respective adapted channels as compared to the first quarter of last year. These categories include electronics, fashion, FMCG, and lifestyle.